Use Macro 27 to Contact Us for Payroll-Related Issues


Did you know you could use QUALCOMM to communicate specific issues with payroll? If you have a payroll-related issue and don’t want to wait on the line, contact us by directing a Macro 27 to “DX” for a guaranteed quicker response, as shown above.

    • Richard Lambeth
      Nov 09, 2015 19:48 pm Reply

      ATM indicates wrong password I put my driver/employee ID

    • Jason Anderson
      Jul 06, 2016 12:39 pm Reply

      Good Morning,

      I am a driver for your company and hav been so for three months now. Last week I was supposed to receive pay for all of my loads that I did for the week prior. I did nearly 3600 miles that week. When i received my electronic remittance or pay stub it displayed that 0 dollars were due to me with several deductions that noone can explain what they are. Two weeks prior to this incident, I was done the same thing and had to go into the office to investigate why I didnt receive a paycheck. After being ignored and told that it would get looked into, I received my paymentith noreason why theerror occurred in the first place. I have called several times regarding my pay I was supposed to recreceive on July 1. I have been placed on hold then someone comes back pnly to hang up in my face. I have been placed on hold for my dispatcher who ever comes to the phone. Can someone please help me figure out why I am not being reimbursed or comensated for tge work I am doing for this company?

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