Trucker Mama: Keeping Cool On the Road


I am penning this week’s edition from Austin, Texas.

My hot is their spring.

It is HOT with a capital HOT.

No matter where you are traveling on the continent, summer has arrived.

The best part about a traveling job can be the weather. The worst part about a traveling job can be the weather.

I worry about each of you and the strain this must cause on your body adjusting from a cool cab to varying degrees of heat.

Here are some tips for (trying to) stay cool in the summer months:

1.  Know your body: And trust your body. Overheating not only makes you feel extra lousy, it can be dangerous. If it is intensely hot and you stop sweating, know that this is not a good thing.  It is a sign your body is overheated, and without rest and cooling, you could be headed for a heat stroke, requiring medical attention. Don’t be afraid to take a break and cool down.

2.  Drink your 64: Or maybe even more. Depending on the conditions and your body, your water input need may vary. Consuming plenty of water, plus replenishing of electrolytes (things like magnesium and potassium) are the best defense against dehydration. Try foods like pistachios and almonds – found at any truck stop. And when available, add fruit that’s high in water, like melons.

3.  Water Activity: Swing by and visit your friend with the pool. Schedule a boat ride. Get a YMCA membership. Book the hotel with the water park. Enjoy the sprinkler with your kids.  Time in the water may just be the very best way to both stay cool and enjoy the summer.

The famed American writer, Russel Baker, described summer in the most apt of ways:  “Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

How true.

In the winter, we yearn for the longer days of summer. The absence of coats and dreary skies.  The abundance of cookouts with friends and time spent in bathing suits.  We do not wish away summer, even when it’s hot.  And that’s ok. That’s best. We just have to manage both the heat and our health.

As always, I look forward to hearing what you think of this article and what else you would like to see in this spot.

Take care of yourself and drive home safely,

Trucker Mama

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