Truck GPS vs Car GPS: What Are the Differences?

Who here does not use a GPS these days? Practically every one of us has asked for clear routes or searched for a destination at least once.

So we pretty much know about GPS, which is the short form of Global Positioning System, by the way! This miraculous technology has made us almost forget the manual paper maps.

However, is it the same when using in a car and a truck? No, even though it operates similarly. Therefore, the trick to install the personal GPS in a trucking job is not an option.

Why and how are they not the same? Let us find out.

How GPS Works?

There is much information in the GPS navigation system. These data allow you to minimize taking unknown risks.

We can come up with plenty of examples, but the first point is knowing how it works. The information can be about weather updates, route clearance, fuel station stops, or restaurant details.

Plus, various knowledge regarding bridges/overpasses, certain height/weight limit data, live speed, and such also include here. So how do you gather all these in the GPS?

You have to enter the car or truck details so that the system can work out precisely. All you have to do is set the pick-up and destination point before starting the journey.

The GPS will find the most convenient route according to your vehicle details that you can follow. This eliminates about 50% of the stress and hassles a driver often faces.

With the help of the GPS navigation system, you can calculate probable risks ahead of time and avoid clashes with traffic maintenance.

Benefits of a Truck GPS

The app developers must update the system database at all times for the driver to stay tuned to recent changes. That is how you can enjoy the benefits to the full extent.

Finds Short Routes

What is the first thing a trucker seeks? Going the right way with the shortest routes possible to deliver freights on time.

One wrong turn can become a problematic addition of unwanted charges or fees a truck driver does not wish to pay. Besides, it will waste fuel and time! Both are precious to a trucker when hauling long-distance or amidst local streets.

Benefits of a Truck GPS

The GPS on a truck finds the shortest route toward the destination to optimize the driving. Admit it that even a minute late delivery can massively affect the relationship between you and the customer.

This could ruin the trucking business altogether. Therefore, using a GPS can help you navigate the shortcuts, deliver on time, and keep the business afloat.

Safe Driving

Any trailer or freight-hauling is a risk on the road if you cannot foresee several things. Take low bridges and overpasses, for instance. All the hauling carriers are gigantic, thus, require you to be ultra-cautious.

Can your truck carry on onto the coming overpass? How low is the bridge ahead? If you cannot make prompt decisions about the weight and height details, it will be extremely difficult to slow down in time.

Another example is the tight corners where not knowing is the trickiest issue of all. Plus, there is the weather forecast to warn you about the situation up ahead.

You can absorb these details from the GPS as you choose the suitable path and continue to get updates on the approaching deviations. It is the best way to make up your mind and control the speed limit. Also read the Best Gps Mounts For Car

Alerts Various Information Changes

Being an app developed by humans will require frequent updates. It is unavoidable because the details on the roads are always getting altered. There is always something additional happening.

Many paths go through adjustments as well. So the GPS navigation system shall also require updates on such details in order to avert interruptions when driving.

It can be the reformation of bridge heights or weight limits on a particular overpass. The most constant changing feature is the weather forecast, which determines if driving ahead is safer.

When these pieces of information are being updated, you will have to do nothing. The GPS will automatically notify the driver of what has changed.

Prevents Breaking Regulations  

This is a crucial feature that prevents you from breaking any rule or regulation.  There are punishments against each rule/regulation violated by the carrier.

Most of these rules and regulations are regarding the speed and weight limits on various roads. You can customize your path with a GPS in such a way that it will set a better course for the journey.

Benefits of a Car GPS

Benefits of a Car GPS

A car GPS is somewhat similar but provides different benefits to the driver. These benefits will help you realize how a car GPS is different from a truck GPS.

Easy to Find a Vehicle

First of all, the GPS works like a tracker for your car. Suppose there are hundreds of cars parked outside a concert or supermarket parking area.

Even if you know your ride inside and out, it will take some magic to find the exact location at times. In such situations, a GPS tracker will help navigate you towards your car before you panic.

Locates Lost Vehicle

Finding the vehicle is also due to the GPS tracker. This time, though, if your car gets stolen or you lose it due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Finding a theft car is always a situation many vehicle owners have faced. So installing a GPS can help minimize losing the car altogether.

As a result, there will be hope for getting your vehicle back once you submit the tracker system to the authority.

Tracks Activities of Teens

Let us say that you have bought a car for your teen son/daughter. Even if they have passed the driving test, a parent’s mind always worries.

Besides, sometimes it is hard to get a straight answer from them, so you do not know how to handle a situation. This is when you can check on their activities via GPS history.

Moreover, you can monitor their current whereabouts if the teens are inexperienced on the road.

Alerts Vehicle Conditions

It is one of the main reasons many car owners have installed GPS. Once you add all the information regarding your vehicle and its recent facts, keeping up to date is a breeze.

The GPS will give you a brief report on the condition, which will help you set a date for maintenance. Sometimes, the system reminds you of the timing, so you do not run late on such repairs.

Truck GPS vs. Car GPS

The basic plan of a GPS is to assist you in driving toward the designated location without facing any fuss. However, a truck GPS is slightly different and provides extra facilities to the system.

Truck GPS

Sure, the GPS functions to access better routes before heading off. But what else can a truck driver gain aside from precise destination stoppage?

1. Odometer

The GPS navigation system can keep track of your driving record, as in how far you have driven to deliver the goods. This record of odometer comes in handy during payments and logging records in RODs.

2. Notifications of Locations

There are plenty of notifications a truck driver will receive throughout the journey. Nevertheless, the most important ones that help the truckers are fuel stations, restaurants, and parking locations.

It also offers numerous destinations that are common to the driver’s interest regarding meal/stayover choices.

3. Notifications of Real-time Data

The real-time data describes notifications about live weather forecasts of the current location you are at. Plus, it will notify you of the possible traffic conditions in advance.  

4. Notifications of Safer Routes

Which route is the best option for the type of carrier you are delivering? A GPS will easily figure out a path that suits according to the carrier load and size. It also takes in the weight and height details to provide a better solution.

5. Price Details

Of course, fuel prices might vary slightly in different states/areas. So the GPS will keep you updated with such costs so that you can be prepared before reaching the station.

6. Dispatch

The dispatch system is a way to coordinate paths that allows the driver to maintain safe distance and speed. It will help you to avoid any trouble/incident that blocks the road up ahead.

7. Connectivity

Do not forget the wonders of Bluetooth and other connecting facilities. They might not seem essential – at the moment, but they are a useful bunch for future connectivity abilities.


A car GPS might not offer these many advantages, yet it is one of the best ways to keep your car in check.

1. Route Clearance

Showing the clearest routes during a journey is the best feature in a car GPS. It will assist you by notifying alternate solutions to ensure swift driving.

2. Tracker

This is the only reason car owners install a GPS device. All you have to do is provide the police with the tracking information in case the car is stolen/lost.

3. Parenting

You can always check on the teen’s driving locations. Moreover, unlike truck GPS, this option shows whether he/she has broken the speed limit or not.

4. Others

A car GPS might not have the complete details regarding various price/vehicle capability details, but it offers restaurant/gas station information, all the same.

Final Words

Have you understood how truck GPS vs car GPS works after bringing them together? Each GPS has significant necessities to improve driving.

They both are the means to make a journey safer and easier. However, do not use a car GPS in a truck or vice versa. There are reasons why navigational systems have varieties.

Hopefully, you have discerned the differences and comprehend why they are beneficial for the routing. We wish you a safe driving and hassle-free roads ahead!


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