Benefits of Team Driving


There are many misconceptions about team driving. True, having to share a confined space with somebody is tough no matter how well you know them. And some people just prefer to drive solo!

However, there are many benefits of team driving that can put drivers in position for success out on the road. Below are three reasons why you should consider team driving:

1.   More Miles

Team drivers can run almost nonstop, making you available for more loads and more miles even when you might be off the clock. Team drivers at Celadon average around 5,000 miles per week. We all know that more miles mean more money.

2.   More Money

Team drivers split their per-mile pay, meaning their individual rate per mile may be a lower rate than a solo driver. However, companies normally pay team drivers for all loaded miles driven, so when your partner is driving, you’re making money as well. Since you’re running more miles as a team, you can actually make more money than what solo drivers would make on their own.

Celadon takes pride in offering team drivers an industry-leading pay package, with a split base rate of $0.50/mile. Teams can split as much as $0.60/mile.

3.   Togetherness

It can get lonely out on the road as a solo driver. It’s a valuable asset to be in the cab with someone to talk to, to get to know, and to help you in various situations (no matter how much experience you may have).

What if I don’t have or know my teammate?

Drivers often worry about not having a partner or not knowing the person that they’d team with. Did you know that Celadon has a way to match you up with somebody that has similar interests and hobbies to you?

If you’re currently a solo driver at Celadon looking to team up, visit and we’ll help you find a partner.

Start Team Driving Today

Celadon offers a variety of driving opportunities to those looking for their next career opportunity. As our team driving fleet continues to grow, we’re looking for qualified individuals to join us. Click here to see all our current team opportunities, or get on the road to a career with Celadon by filling out our quick application!

    • Yousuf Dabow
      Nov 15, 2017 16:04 pm Reply

      I nam looking to work with my CDL A and I am already A team member

      • Ben Green
        Nov 15, 2017 16:22 pm Reply

        If you have more than 6 months of verifiable experience, we’d definitely love to have your team join Celadon! Give us a call at 800-729-9770 and one of our career specialists can give you all the details.

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