Tango Truckload Acquisition FAQ


Celadon welcomes Tango Transport drivers to our family and fleet! We understand that with change comes uncertainty, and we want to be transparent and helpful during the transition of our new drivers.

What is the plan for Tango drivers joining Celadon’s fleet?

All drivers meeting Celadon’s qualifications will be offered a position and routed in for Celadon orientation within the next 30 days.

What benefits and advantages to drivers does Celadon provide?

Celadon is proud to provide various benefits, competitive compensation and several freight options. We are one of the largest and most progressive companies in North America, offering you more miles, an extensive customer base and some of the newest equipment on the road.

What should I do before I complete Celadon orientation?

Continue driving as usual. Drivers will be routed in for orientation gradually over the next 30 days. Members of the Celadon team will reach out to drivers regarding requalification. If you have questions, call 1-800-820-2621 to speak to Celadon’s Recruiting department.

What happens to driver pay?

Your existing rate per mile will be honored under Celadon’s accessorial package to ensure you a consistent level of income close to what you are accustomed.

Your driver pay will come from Tango Transportation until orientation is complete, after which driver pay will come from Celadon Trucking. After completing orientation, you will have a new fuel card on the Celadon ComData system.

What about my seniority?

You earned your seniority, and you will keep it when you join the Celadon team. Earned days off (EDO) is accrued one day for every seven worked.

What happens to driver benefits?

Drivers are immediately eligible for benefits after 1) completion of orientation and 2) combined tenure between Tango/Celadon reaches 90 days. Open enrollment will be in November. Benefits include life insurance, dependent life insurance, drug, paramedical, major medical and dental. Contact Celadon Benefits at (844) 354-5896 [email protected]. Learn more at www.driveceladon.com/benefits/.

When/where is orientation?

Drivers remain under normal Tango dispatch in the transition. Brief orientation classes will be held at various locations that best fit into the Celadon network and/or Tango customer lane flow.

What happens to my tractor?

Drivers will remain in their current units if that unit is being transitioned to Celadon.  Drivers will be reseated in a Celadon unit if the current tractor will not be retained.  During orientation, Tango’s DOT will be replaced with Celadon’s DOT.

Will miles or freight lanes change for drivers?

Celadon will continue to service all current customers in the Tango network. You will have the benefit of supplementing your miles with Celadon’s existing business to support Celadon’s primary accounts. There will be OTR, Regional, Dedicated, and Local opportunities within Celadon’s network.

Why is the acquisition beneficial for me as a driver?

Tango has experienced and excellent drivers that will benefit the Celadon family. Our current drivers will have access to Tango’s customer base and lanes, getting more miles and opportunities. New Tango drivers will have access to Celadon’s extensive network of customers and terminals across North America, new equipment and excellent benefits. Though Celadon is a large company, we have 30 years of experience working with drivers and understanding their needs. Operations works closely with its fleets to ensure all drivers are heard, treated fairly and getting the miles they need.

What if a Tango driver moving to Celadon does not meet Celadon’s qualifications (i.e. criminal record?)

Drivers could be potentially disqualified depending on their records, but Celadon is committed to fairly reviewing all new drivers. Recruiting will reach out to each driver to let him/her know if they are pre-qualified or not. If you have concerns about these qualifications, call recruiting at 1-800-820-2621.

Did Celadon acquire the entire Tango company?

No, Celadon acquired specific assets of Tango Transport, specifically the truckload division. All drivers who are transitioning to Celadon will be treated as a Celadon driver after orientation, with all the benefits.

What will happen regarding speed limiters on Tango trucks?
Tango trucks will continue to drive at 65 mph. When drivers are switched to a Celadon truck, they will drive 63 mph. After much consideration, Celadon created this speed limit to get the best mpg on the road, improving our cost structure and allowing us to put our drivers in the newest equipment on the road.

Will I be force dispatched at Celadon?

Company drivers may be force dispatched, but Celadon will work with drivers to place them in the operation they are most interested in. We will not force anyone to drive OTR if they are not interested, etc. This will keep our operations running smoothly and will ensure our drivers the most possible miles.

Will transitioning Tango drivers have access to inverters and APUs like Celadon’s new units?

Celadon will keep a select number of trucks from Tango, but they will be phased out over time, and drivers will have to get a new unit which includes updated APU and inverters. If a driver has a new unit, they may ask to stay there, and we’ll also do our best to upgrade drivers to new trucks if they choose.

Who can answer additional questions?

Celadon staff will have a team in Shreveport, LA, and Celadon’s multiple terminals to assist with any questions and help make this transition as smooth as possible. Additionally, all drivers will be contacted by the Celadon Recruiting department.

Road Maintenance Contact information
1-800–758–3252 x Opt. 6

    • Angela Austin
      Nov 03, 2015 22:24 pm Reply

      Husband worked for 4 years with Tango with multiple safety awards, but was told by Celadon they could not use him. Still have not recieved last 2 vacation days or money for his last run. And guess what….nobody answers the phones at Tango, and Celadon says Sorry, its out of our hands! Really?

    • wndrwtr
      Nov 18, 2015 03:13 am Reply

      as owner/operator..to this day 11/17/15, have not heard from a Celadon person or so much as even a recorded phone message..LOL

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