Staying Healthy in the Trucking Industry


Staying healthy in the trucking industry is no easy task, but veteran driver Kenneth Wymer, age 78, has managed to do just that during his 17-year Celadon career.

Kenneth has just been approved for a two-year DOT physical card, which means there are no restrictions and is nearly unheard of for someone who has spent so much time in trucking.

“Good food, lots of water, and keep moving,” said Kenneth. He attributes his health to avoiding junk food and making sure to get activity whenever possible, even if that meant parking in a far-out space to force himself to walk longer.

His success in Celadon goes beyond his health maintenance, as Kenneth has not had a single accident in his nearly two-decade career and has kept a great relationship with his dispatcher Kathy Crossland. Kenneth admitted that it always doesn’t lean in one’s favor, but it’s how one handles it that matters.

“Every day isn’t your day, but most days are. You’ve gotta be able to ride through the bads.”

Kenneth’s stop to update his physical was a short one, and immediately prepped to get back on the road.

“When you enjoy something, why would you quit doing it?”


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