Trucker Mama: Spring can Spring (Anytime Now)


I judge a winter by how many days are so cold my face hurts.

How many times I literally shiver.

How many moments are spent chilled to the absolute bone.

All in all (in Indiana at least) this one wasn’t half bad.

And yet, I am still giddy (yes, giddy!) at the site of grass coming back to life, birds clamoring at our feeder and winter coats getting tucked back into the closet.

March is said to be in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Windshield time may give you the opportunity to think excitedly about warm weather activities, too.  What do you enjoy most?

I do not seem to possess a green thumb, but I sure admire the flowers and vegetables grown by others.  I learned that flowers receive a signal from one gene, conveniently called apetala that it is time to bloom – this triggers all of the beauty of the season to begin.  Daffodils are most likely to get the nudge first and get us off and running.

Gardens are a lovely duo of beautiful (at least when weeded and full of vibrant color) and useful.  They require consideration of sunlight, soil condition and location, location, location – how big is something going to get, how much can I manage and is that tree going to be a greedy neighbor?  I am immensely grateful for gardeners, whether I buy their wares at our farmer’s market or grab it from the office lunchroom as a gift from someone with an overabundance.  In the dead of winter, it is truly shocking how much freezer corn or zucchini bread can improve the spirit of the day.

Flowers and vegetables need the sun, and so do we.  Vitamin D here we come.  As spring arrives, nothing may flourish as much as us – out for long walks, enjoying the longer days and laying in the hammock for the longest time.

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring,” penned Bern Williams.  Hope does seem like the right adjective to describe spring.

I hope for each of us the eternal spring, of which we hear tell.  Most immediately, let us enjoy the spring of the real spring.

As always, I look forward to hearing what you think of this article and what else you would like to see in this spot.

Take care of yourself and drive home safely,

Trucker Mama

P.S.  From nourishing the ground to nourishing ourselves, let’s take a look together next week: Nutrition: What does “good” look like?  We spend a great deal of time thinking about what to eat and when, and perhaps could siphon some of this energy to think about how it fuels our body, too?!  (I hope it is not just me that misses that key detail!)

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