Spouses That Run Together Earn Together


Bobby and Alisa Martinez

The trucking lifestyle can be tough on relationships. Separation is hard and often driving careers require long hours away from home, unlike typical nine-to-five jobs.

Alisa and Bobby Martinez have been married for 5 ½ years. For the first four years of marriage, Bobby drove solo for various trucking companies while Alisa worked as a licensed vocational nurse. Alisa was no stranger to the trucking lifestyle because her father was a truck driver, but that didn’t make their time apart any easier.

“It does get lonely, especially by yourself when your other half is at home,” Bobby said. “I looked forward to going home – especially when you have a family and kids – but we managed.”

Bobby and Alisa sought a solution to their frequent separation. Choosing to drive teams with Celadon was the perfect fit for them financially, allowing them to prepare for their retirement but also giving them more time together on the road.


Team truck driving was a no-brainer for Alisa and Bobby. They’ve even begun encouraging their friends to consider team driving with their spouses.

“I highly recommend, especially for couples, to team like this,” Alisa said. “It is a test to your relationship, but most couples have the “yin” and “yang” to the couple. You know, he’s the quiet one and I’m the talkative one. I think that’s what makes us successful.”

Confident they worked well together, Alisa decided to ditch the life of a “permanent passenger” and change up her career. After spending 20 years in nursing, she got her CDL with Celadon in August 2017.

“We’re much happier driving together then being separated,” Alisa said. “We get the miles and we’re definitely making more money than when he was out there by himself.”


Years of driving together have taken the couple to almost all 48 states. Bobby said New Hampshire and Vermont are the only two states he still hasn’t been to. Some of their favorite places to drive through are Montana and Colorado because of the beautiful scenery. For their next trip, they hope to stop in Montana to visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

“With the new vacation package, you’ll never know where we will end up.” Alisa said.


Celadon’s paid vacation package, in short, is one that even our administrative employees are jealous of! Drivers earn a week of paid vacation every 30k miles, up to 4 weeks, and get paid out whether they take the week off or continue driving.  To learn more about the new Celadon pay package and vacation package, click here. If you’d rather speak to one of our recruiters about it directly, give us a call at 800-729-9770 or apply online below!

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