September 2015 Drivers of the Month

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Jon Yeager

Jon with his rescue dog, Sadie Jon with his rescue dog, Sadie

Jon didn’t specify exactly when he started driving, but he said he has “for a long time” (four years with Celadon.) He started when his littlest girl was a little girl, and now she’s in college. Jon is a proactive driver who likes to prepare ahead of time, keep a clean truck and manage his health on the road. His hard work and attention to detail has earned him the honor of Driver of the Month!

What does Jon enjoy doing in his free time?
Jon says he likes to cook “fancy.” When we recently gave him a call, he was cooking pork chops with vegetables and couscous in orange teriyaki sauce, all from scratch in his truck. In his free time, he’ll walk his dog in the mountains. When he is home, he likes to work on the house and spend time with his grandchildren. Making extra money to spoil his grandchildren really motivates him on the road. He used to run often, but still tries to take care of himself while driving. He also likes to take care of his truck, in which he installed custom baby blue carpets inside.

What advice does Jon have for other drivers?
Be proactive, not reactive. Jon plans out all his loads, makes a game plan, and communicates with his DM. He suggests all drivers document everything that happens, including trouble with the truck and loads.

Does Jon have any favorite sayings on the road?
“Plan every trip, don’t drive your truck until you know where you’re going; ten to 15 minutes of planning can save you hours of frustration later on.” Jon believes so strongly in this mantra that he put the quote on bumper stickers for his trainees at a previous company.

Why does Jon enjoy driving for Celadon?
Jon says Celadon takes care of him—his checks are great and he has never had issues with payroll. “The people are friendly, and it’s a great company,” he said. He also enjoys the good equipment.

Katrina Achane

Katrina has been in the transportation industry for 18 months—only a month and a half with Celadon—but she has already proven herself to be a successful driver who gets loads in on time and delivers early when possible.

Where does Katrina call home?
Katrina is originally from Miami but moved to Augusta, Florida and later Louisiana where she lives with her new husband. They were married in June. Katrina enjoys spending time with family and has four small dogs—two of which travel with her in her truck. Her husband is going through Celadon orientation now, and they plan to team up soon.

What influence Katrina to drive Celadon?
She came to celadon because she heard good things and said she’s had a great experience here so far. She likes that Celadon keeps her rolling, which becomes more money. Even though her children are now adults, she likes to have some money for them to help out.

What is her secret to success?
Safety comes first for Katrina. “Mind your p’s and q’s because it’s dangerous out there,” she says.

Any shout outs she’d like to give as Driver of the Month?
Katrina would like to give a shout out to her family, her husband, and her favorite recruiter, Beau Brinkley!

Toshia Jacobson and Clinney Reeves

Team Toshia Jacobson and Clinney Reeves have a simple plan to success: run hard and get everywhere on time. They have been together for eight years after meeting on MySpace, but they have only been a Celadon expedited team for two years.

What led to their career as team drivers?
Previously, Clinney drove dump trucks and cement trucks. Both he and Toshia grew up in Texas. They spent seven months driving with another company but switched to Celadon

What do Toshia and Clinney enjoy doing while not driving?
The pair enjoys going to the beach, hiking and traveling. They sometimes rent a car just to see sights. They also keep snowboards in the truck during the winter in case they find some snow on their runs.

How do Toshia and Clinney operate as a team?
This expedited team runs 12 hour shifts from 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then switches spots. They claim for sanity’s sake, they do not usually sit up front with each other. Sometimes when roads are rough, one will yell “Stay out of the ditch!” from the sleeper, as an inside joke. Both like to be productive and hate sitting for too long.

What advice does this team have for aspiring drivers of the month?
Keep your PTA up to date, stay on top of the nighttime crew and your DM and be persistent to get the best loads and run hard.

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    • Angela
      Nov 09, 2015 06:16 am Reply

      Husband worked for 4 years with Tango with multiple safety awards, but was told by Celadon they could not use him. Still have not recieved last 2 vacation days or money for his last run. And guess what….nobody answers the phones at Tango, and Celadon says Sorry, its out of our hands! Really?

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