Rollover Myths, Debunked!


rollover myths debunked

One of the biggest safety risks that professional drivers face while out on the road is vehicle rollover. There are a lot of common misconceptions about what can cause rollover – things such as driving at high speeds, careless driving, lack of experience, and more. But did you know that most rollover incidents could have been prevented?

Below, we take a look at and debunk some of the common misconceptions about truck rollover!

Rollover Myth #1

Poor Driving Conditions Lead to Most Rollovers

Drivers might think most rollovers happen at night, in the rain, on entrance or exit ramps, or on a curvy road. The truth is, less than 4% of single vehicle rollovers are caused by roadway and environment-related reasons.

Rollover Facts
– More than half (56%) happen on straight roads – not on curves or ramps.
– Approximately 2/3 of rollovers occur in daylight rather than in the dark.
– 93% of rollovers occur on dry roads.

Rollover Myth #2

Most Rollovers Occur when a Driver Speeds or Drives Carelessly

Another common misconception is that most rollovers are caused when a driver speeds or drives carelessly.

Rollover Facts
– Excessive speed is a contributing factor in less than half of all rollovers.
– Evasive maneuvers are a factor in only a small percentage (5-10%) of rollovers.

Rollover Myth #3

Rollovers Only Happen to Inexperienced Drivers

Some might also think having years of experience helps them prevent rollovers because they’ve been doing it for years.  But that may not be true, either.

Rollover Facts
– Approximately 38% of rollovers involve drivers with more than 10+ years of driving experience.
– Most rollovers occur among drivers between the ages of 25 and 55.

The Truth? Driver Error Causes Most Rollovers

Driver Error – Rollovers can happen to anyone at any time, so drivers can never be too careful behind the wheel. Some 78% of rollovers involve driver error, and more than 90% of the time, the rollover is not the “first” event. In other words, some other dangerous event occurs before the rollover. It might be drowsiness or inattention, which together contribute to 1 in 5 rollovers, with running off the road due to inattention being the leading cause of serious crashes. The event might be a driver drifting over onto a soft shoulder, riding up over a curb, or incorrectly making a turn at an intersection. Attentive driving can help prevent most rollovers.

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