Roadside Chat with Celadon Driver, Nicole


Nicole started her trucking career with Celadon and has no plans to leave anytime soon. Running on average 3000 – 3600 miles a week, Nicole racks up the miles and loves being able to go anywhere in the country as a company driver.
Check out the video below to get to know Nicole, and learn a little bit more about what life is like as a Celadon driver!

Roadside Chat with Nicole

  1. Describe Life on the Road.

    “I love it. I love driving. I love seeing places I’ve never seen before. You learn a lot about who you are on the road.”

  2. What’s it Like Driving for Celadon?

    “They’re a good company. They’re going through a lot of changes…and it is continuously getting better. I absolutely love my DM…they keep me running, they keep me rolling. I’m sticking with them to see how it goes.”

  3. Describe a typical week for you.

    “All over the place. I love it. It’s crazy…my daughter will say one day she’ll talk to me and I’m on one coast, the next minute I’m in California.”

  4. Advice for other female drivers.

    “Do what you gotta do. Know who you are, know your abilities, know your strengths, and perfect your weaknesses. Make them your strengths.”

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