3 Advantages of OTR Truck Driving Opportunities


Over-the-road (OTR) truck driving is one of the many types of professional truck driving. OTR trucking is one type that takes a professional driver across the country, as there is no set or dedicated route for a driver to run.

While some drivers feel that dedicated and local driving are better than OTR opportunities, many additional benefits await drivers of all experience levels who opt to drive OTR.

1. Travel the Country

One of the biggest advantages to OTR truck driving opportunities is that you can travel to all corners of the country. It can be a way for you to see and do things that you otherwise would not have been able to do.

2. Available for More Loads

As an OTR driver, you’re extremely valuable to a company because you’re willing to run anywhere in the country. Because of your availability to run more miles, you’ll be able to get more loads and potentially earn more money.

3. Get Experience and Miles

When you drive OTR, you can quickly add driving experience to your trucking résumé. Getting more miles, especially miles that drive through various terrains, states, highways and more, all will help to make you a more versatile driver.

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