Rob Howard and truck

Celadon company driver, Rob Howard has been driving for Celadon for more than seven years. Howard feels his truck driving job has given him the freedom he was missing from his office job. His driver position with Celadon gave him the chance get out from behind a desk and travel the country.

“I used to work an office job out in Los Angeles; I just felt trapped like a rat,” he said. “Now I’m out on the road constantly and seeing something new all the time. I love it!”

Trading His Office Job for the Road

When asked what he’d tell those considering a career as a truck driver, he cautioned anyone looking for an easy way to make money. To Howard, truck driving jobs are a lifestyle.

“Your entire life is going to revolve around it,” he said. “It is a sacrifice and a challenge but a rewarding one. Every day I get done, I realize I did a good and safe job, and I’m contributing in society in my own way.”

Keys to Driver Success

Safety is key for Howard when he is on the road.  Howard also considers his driver manager, Kathy Crossland, to play a large part in his success as a company driver.

“I’ve been driving a truck for a long time and driven for other companies,” he said. “I’ve had good driver managers and bad driver managers. She is the best I’ve ever had. She takes really good care of me and we take care of each other.”

Driving for Celadon

Howard had a hard time narrowing down what he likes best about working for Celadon because for him “there are no negatives.”

“I have great equipment, I love my truck, I get plenty of miles and make a ton of money,” he said. “I live right here in Indianapolis, so it is super convenient when I come home. There is nothing bad about working here.”



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