October Drivers of the Month


Kendall Morgan

Kendall on vacation Kendall on vacation Kendall on vacation with family and friends Kendall on vacation with family and friends

Kendall has been in the transportation industry for more than 15 years and is nearing 2 million accident-free miles. She has never had a late delivery or a conflict with a customer all those years, but her philosophy is simple: “I do my job. I do it every day.” When Kendall was chosen as Driver of the Month, she joked, “What took so long?”

How did Kendall get her start in trucking?
Kendall was born and raised in a military family in London, England. She drove small vehicles, then busses, then semis, working her way to the point where she sold all her property to live in a truck in 2005. She says she “has some gypsy blood to live in the truck and travel.”

What does she enjoy in her free time?
Gerald Wagoner, a previous Celadon Driver of the Month, is Kendall’s best friend. He is from Germany, and the two enjoy walking dogs, hiking and camping together. Kendall sees him as another brother; he even comes to family get-togethers with her. She enjoys stopping and seeing the country as she drives, especially visiting museums if she can. Kendall also loves the APU in her truck because it allows her to cook.

How is Kendall so successful?
Kendall invests herself in the Driver Scorecard. She is able to be a Tier 1 or Tier 2 driver just by her daily habits, always accepting loads and staying in contact with her driver manager. Kendall says she goes from point A to B to the best of her ability and doesn’t spend much time sitting at truck stops. She does her job in a non-aggressive way and “can find the silver lining in anything.”

What encourages her to stay at Celadon?
Kendall wanted to give kudos to her DM Justin Bilbee, who is “always on the ball.” She believes a good DM can make your experience as a driver and says she wishes all DMs could be as good as he is. Kendall believes Celadon is a fair company that provides new equipment that is taken care of. She came to Celadon for three main reasons: the ability to drive only dry van, the pet policy allowing her dog to travel with her and the vacation package. She enjoys her vacation time and parks her truck where she secures her camper, without having to turn it in. A combination of friendships, good equipment and a helpful driver manager keeps her here.

Jeremie and Angela Wiest

Angela, Jeremie and Squishie Angela, Jeremie and Squishie

Husband and wife team Jeremie and Angela joined Celadon through the Landspan acquisition. Jeremie has 15 years’ experience driving, and Angela has been teaming with him for nine of those years. The pair claim to be “two peas in a pod,” a hard-working team willing to prioritize and make sacrifices on their dedicated route.

What is Jeremie and Angela’s background?
Jeremie used to be a carpenter before driving. Angela met him when he began driving and took an interest in the industry. Jeremie found trucking to be a good profession when he was looking for additional income, and the factory he worked at closed down. Team driving was a natural fit. At Celadon, they say they have great home time, miles and money and love their new equipment.

What do Jeremie and Angela enjoy?
The two drive dedicated and like to spend time with their daughters, granddaughters and nieces. Their family and friends are extremely important to them. They enjoy working on their house. The pair lives on the side of a mountain, where they dug out a patio, driveway and retainer wall. The third member of Jeremie and Angela’s team is a dog named Squishie.

How do they find success?
Team driving can cause conflict, but Jeremie and Angela enjoy not having to be alone and trading off who drives. They are able to meet Scorecard goals by confirming loads immediately, communicating and delivering/picking up on time. They get their fuel where they are told to get fuel and focus on single stops. When they stop, they get fuel and switch drivers at the same time.

What advice do they have for other drivers?
They advise drivers to plan ahead. Know where you are going and deliver loads ASAP. Do not wait until late appointment Wednesday, and remember that the sooner you get there, the sooner you’ll be on to your next load. Jeremie and Angela say, “Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad and see what happens.”

Claude Castonguay

Claude chose not to complete an interview, but his humility won’t stop us from giving him a shout out! Claude has been with Celadon for just a couple years and the transportation industry for less than 10, but he has proven himself to be a valuable driver and savvy contractor. Thanks, Claude!


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