The Mile Marker: Celadon Improves Customer, Driver Experience


Welcome to Celadon’s newest series, “The Mile Marker.” We’ll be sitting down with Celadon employees from various departments to weigh in on a variety of company news, industry topics, and more! Hear from Celadon’s Chief Financial and Strategy Officer, Thom Albrecht, in our latest post.

2018 was an exciting year for Celadon as we worked towards securing a long-term capital structure and reshaped our network around key corridors.

In 2016 and 2017, CTSI’s network was a helter-skelter mix of lanes all over the country, regardless of whether we had meaningful customers in those lanes (particularly on return trips) or had drivers domiciled in those areas. By helter-skelter, I mean the network was spread out everywhere, with little rhythm or reason for what we were doing.

The old trucking phrase, “you call, we haul” was an apt description, as the network had ballooned to thousands of lanes all over the country.

Working Towards “In-Network Lanes”

Today, the team has worked hard to get our lanes “in network.” That has resulted in only about 1,000 lanes that define our network today.

This has several positive implications for drivers. For one, with a tighter network we can offer more repetitive or connected runs, leading to a more consistent paycheck and improved home time.

Driver and Customer Benefits

Also, our service to our customers has improved, which gives drivers new opportunities. Today’s on-time rate is over 90%, compared to an abysmal figure a few quarters ago. As our customers are pleased, new freight awards are growing.

For example, a large customer recently gave us a 2-year deal in one of our core markets for local pick-ups and deliveries, which is notable because P&D opportunities have been largely non-existent at CTSI.  But that same customer has given us some high-utilization over-the-road and dedicated opportunities that appeal to other Celadon drivers.

There are at least two other byproducts of a more disciplined network. First, driver turnover has improved for several consecutive quarters. Second, as our network has become more consistent, our sales force has become more confident in talking to our customers. This is opening the door for even more new opportunities.

When we are deliberate about our freight choices and when we satisfy customers, then drivers will see enhanced opportunities. That leads to a more fulfilling career at Celadon.

Have a blessed and rewarding Holiday season and thank you for all you do.

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