Maximizing Idle and Fuel Economy Efficiency


Troubleshooting Your APU

Have you ever wondered exactly how your APU works? Do you have issues getting your APU to work properly? William in Celadon’s shop covers these questions and more in his latest video!

PLUS – William also addresses how improving our fleet MPG by just .5 can help save Celadon $1,000,000 annually, and more importantly, what we plan to do with that million dollars in savings!

Managing Idle Time

Idling FAQs

Q: How much fuel do I need for the APU to work?
A: More than 1/4 tank of fuel.

Q: How much does idle time really decrease fuel efficiency?
A: Every hour a truck idles can decrease fuel efficiency by 1%.

Best Practices

Turn Off Your Truck
Turn off your truck and set your APU when you can at truck stops, shippers, receivers, etc.

Check Your Filters
Check bunk and cab filters to make sure they’re clean and free of gear that can restrict air flow.

Prep Your Truck
Start prepping the truck an hour before idling.

Maximizing Fuel Economy Efficiency

Best Practices

Use Cruise Control
Use cruise control whenever possible. This allows the truck to run at optimal efficiency, which helps drive fuel economy.

Above 55 mph, each 1 mph increase in vehicle speed decreases fuel economy on average by 0.1 mpg.

Check Tire Pressure
Check tire pressure daily on your pre-trip inspection. 110 psi on steer tire, 100 psi on drive and trailer tires.

For every 10 psi a truck’s tires are under- or over-inflated, fuel economy is reduced by 1%.

Keep Truck and Trailer Distance
The distance between the trailer to the back of the cab should be around 30 inches. You may need to slide the 5th wheel sometimes, try to keep it closer to the back of the cab.

Doing so helps keep the truck aerodynamic, which is one of the most important factors of fuel economy when driving over 50 mph.


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