Mandatory Open Enrollment for Medical, Dental and Vision November 2-20


If you wish to have medical, dental or vision coverage for 2016, you must re-elect to have coverage, even if you already have coverage and do not wish to make changes. Call the enrollment center at 844-354-5896 to get signed up.

Voluntary products will roll over to 2016. FSA enrollment is also mandatory.

Cost of plans

·  Lower deductible

o  Single base plan: $2,250

o  Single buy-up plan: $1,750

o  Family base plan: $4,500

o  Family buy-up plans: $3,500

What you need to know about changes to 2016 benefits:

·  Removal of employer-funded HRA dollars

o  Celadon spent over $900,000 on HRA dollars in the first seven months, which was a large spend on turned over employees.

·  Addition of ER clause

o  Some conditions not generally considered an emergency include colds, influenza, ear infections, nausea or headaches. See benefits for complete wording.

·  Addition of hazardous clause

o  Hazardous pursuit involves charges resulting from hazardous pursuit, hobby or activity. See benefits for a complete list of hazardous activities.

·  Addition of smokelyzer test

o  If you would like to get a non-tobacco user rate on your benefits, you must take a smokelyzer test to prove you are a non-smoker before December 23, 2015.

·  New medical carrier to replace Anthem BCBS

o  GPA/Magellan RX, PHCS Network and ELAP combine to replace Anthem BCBS.

o  GPA/Magellan RX—Replace Anthem on the member service side. GPA will be consumer/member friendly when it comes to disease management and nurse navigator services.

o  PHCS Network—Physician Only Network is available through MultiPlan. Visit to search for your doctor or request to add your doctor to the network. See benefits for more information.

o  ELAP—Audits facility bills to obtain fair pricing for members and Celadon.

This is a general overview of the benefits changes. Visit the enrollment center next to HR in Celadon HQ or call 844-354-5896 for more information.

Open enrollment is for company drivers, warehouse employees and admin employees. Owner/operators and lease purchase drivers should call 1-888-535-4643 to access healthcare benefits.

    • Angela Austin
      Nov 03, 2015 22:23 pm Reply

      Husband worked for 4 years with Tango with multiple safety awards, but was told by Celadon they could not use him. Still have not recieved last 2 vacation days or money for his last run. And guess what….nobody answers the phones at Tango, and Celadon says Sorry, its out of our hands! Really?

      • Olivia, Celadon Marketing
        Nov 10, 2015 19:42 pm Reply

        Hello Angela. To clarify, we did not purchase Tango, only select truckload assets of the company. Tango still is responsible for its own company, and we are sorry you had trouble contacting them. If you have any questions about the Celadon hiring process, reach out to our recruiting department. Thank you.

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