June TOP Trainer & Trainee


Top Trainer-James Sims

“James has received glowing praise from his Trainees. Recent praise has included explaining the equipment, always spotting during backing, and teaching different backing techniques. James always ensures that the Trainees know how to practice safe driving speeds at all times. The Trainee’s are very grateful and appreciative of James ability to train them and share his vast experience” – Cathy Cress

Top Trainee– Richard Whittaker

“Richard displayed true dedication and professionalism during his training. Richard is hearing impaired and worked with a translator during his time in the training program. As some would see this as an obstacle, Richard’s hard work and professionalism made us all realize that nothing is impossible; if you have the true desire that Richard did to reach the goal of becoming a Professional Truck Driver. Richard is not only a  T.O.P. Trainee, he is also a great person to admire.” – The Training Team

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