July 2015 Drivers of the Month


Earl Feathers

Earl is a veteran of the road with over 45 years of experience in transportation. His DM says he always runs hard for 11 hours a day. Though he works very hard, Earl says he’s as “happy as a pig in a mud puddle” trucking for Celadon and that it will be the last company he ever drives for.

How did Earl decide to become a trucker?
After growing up in Amish Springs, Mississippi, Earl decided to work in the factory but then wanted to be a truck driver. He has been with Celadon since 2008 when Celadon acquired the company he was originally driving for.

What drives him to be successful?
Earl is very close with his family and friends. He has a son named Kevin and two grandkids, Austin and Josh. He plans to help both of his grandsons through college. He grew up in a family of six brothers though one passed away. He has one brother who is also a trucker.

What does Earl enjoy when he is not driving?
At home in the winter, Earl enjoys hunting deer. In the summer, he goes fishing and completes the “honey do list”—whatever his wife Virginia tells him to do. He also loves NASCAR, country music and football. His favorite team was the Colts, but his loyalty followed Peyton Manning to the Broncos.

What advice does Earl have for new drivers?
Never turn down a load. Do a good job, pick up your loads early and deliver on time. Earl’s strategy is to always keep running while watching the speed limit and his surroundings.

Ron Royal

Ron has been in the industry for four years and joined Celadon through the FSC acquisition. In just a few years, Ron has already proved to be a valuable driver who goes the extra mile and “always does his job without being asked,” according to his driver manager.

What motivates Ron?
Ron wants to give a shout out to his wife, who motivates him to do his job. It is hard for him to be away from home so much, and she often takes care of the house, finances and other responsibilities while he is on the road. Ron and his wife have a son who is 39 and a computer programmer. Ron is also encouraged by his Christian faith and appreciating what he has.

What does Ron enjoy doing during home time?
Ron enjoys staying busy. He works with landscaping, builds decks, gardens and manages his property. He says he loves watching the wildlife in his yard, and his wife is like a Disney character because all the animals flock around her. He also has five dogs ranging from five to 110 pounds.

What does he enjoy about working at Celadon?
Ron is running plenty of miles with Celadon and has faith in the company, but he also enjoys having updated equipment and the peace of mind that comes with not getting pulled over for mechanical issues.

How does Ron manage stress on the road?
Ron likes to be early when delivering a load, but he understands that sometimes loads will have to be delayed. He says the load not only affects him but other drivers and the customer. There are other people trying to make a living. Ron also passes on this advice: ”Love those who hate you. Do good to those who are spiteful to you.”

Teresa and Brad Davey

Teresa and Brad are a no-nonsense team that simply wants to run as many miles as possible. They are self-proclaimed “workaholics.” Their driver manager says they’re a team with a positive attitude and great time management skills.

What do they enjoy doing on their home time?
As soon as he gets home, Brad likes to fish, hunt and play bingo. Brad says they wouldn’t even need to go back to their home in Tennessee if they didn’t have grandkids to visit. They go home every three months and love to work. When they pay off their truck, they plan to build a house.

What is their favorite thing about being team drivers?
They love seeing new places and new things together. Teresa also finds it to be a great way to make money with her back problems that limit work at home.

What motivates them?
Teresa and Brad just love to run, but they also love having extra money for their grandkids. They were raised to work hard and have a son and daughter. Their son is also a truck driver.

What advice do they have for other drivers?
Keep running, don’t turn down loads, don’t waste time, and don’t lollygag. Always pay attention to your surroundings. Look, look and look again while you’re driving.

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