January Drivers of the Month

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January Drivers of the Month

Mark Cavanaugh

Mark has been with us for almost seven years but in trucking for a total of 17 years. He started out driving because he enjoys the steady job and good benefits. When asked if he had any advice for other drivers who are striving for this recognition, Mark adamantly states that a willingness to do your job and maintain consistent communication with Celadon are crucial factors for success. In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time at his cabin in VA.

Edward Keser and Megan Baron

Edward and Megan began trucking because they wanted to travel (and get paid to do it!) and they enjoy all the gorgeous scenery our country has to offer. To achieve their success, they work hard and strive to always have a good attitude. “Sometimes things don’t go as well as anticipated but having a good attitude will help you and the company out in the long run,” Megan says. The team also takes a lot of pride in their truck, keeping it clean and efficient because it “reflects your workmanship.”

Edward and Megan have stayed with Celadon because of the good rapport they have built with their DM’s. In addition, they love working with the equipment Celadon has to offer.

Emmett Beard

We were unable to reach Emmett for a brief bio but we want to recognize him all the same for his hard work! In the few short months Emmett has been with us, he has achieved tier 1 every month on the driver scorecard. Thank you for consistently going above and beyond!

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