TA/Petro Celadon Citizen Drivers for 2015


Driver managers have voted for drivers who exhibit strong characteristics of citizenship, safety, community involvement or leadership, as well as those who focus on health and wellness, military service, or other highlights for the TA/Petro Citizen Driver Awards.

At least six of the chosen drivers served in the military. Many try to walk or jog daily to improve their wellness. Others have dedicated time to feeding the homeless or mentoring other drivers. Most have a clean driving record, great DOT inspection reports and excellent safety compliance. We are very proud to have these individuals in the Celadon fleet.

Congratulations to the following drivers selected by Operations as candidates for the Citizen Driver Awards:

  • James Taylor
  • Mathew Baker
  • Tamie Sherman
  • Robert “Bobby” E. Graves
  • Michael J. Gargan
  • William Hall
  • Raymond Box
  • Ezeal Young
  • Mark Love
  • Travis Hoerscth
  • Angel G. Cotto
  • Fernando Docampo
  • Gregory Jones
  • Richard McKenney
  • Shirica Allen
  • Chifine Reid
  • George Campbell
  • Ira West
  • Edel A. Lecona
  • Dywane Jackson
  • Jeffrey McDonald
  • Jermaine F. Alston
  • Orin T. Tribble
  • Oscar Vasquez
  • Lewanda D. Statum
  • Terry Tipton
  • Andy Sidener
  • Raymond Upchurch
  • Robin Overfield
  • John Edwards
  • Nancy Jones
  • Daniel Griffin
  • John Brun
  • Fred Colvin
  • Charles Ware
  • David Barnes
  • Linda Barnes
  • Edward Cruey
  • Kevin Dekoning
  • William Poff
  • Alexander Johnson
  • Timothy Shuler
  • Darryl Gibbs
  • Jason Staples
  • Mark Harris
  • Gilbert Darisse
  • Frank Kline
  • Tami H. Clay
  • Lori Hutchinson
  • Dave Newsom
    • chana
      Sep 30, 2015 09:12 am Reply

      Wtg everyone

    • Michelle Stowers
      Sep 30, 2015 12:47 pm Reply

      Congratulations Tami Clay!!!

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