Introducing FleetWire app and WageLock pay program

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The word is out. Celadon’s FleetWire and WageLock are making news in the transportation world.

Celadon is committed to making its drivers’ jobs easier, which is why we’re developing two new initiatives to manage freight and keep money in drivers’ pockets.

FleetWire is available in the app store for Apple and Android devices in partnership with Pegasus TransTech. The new app will allow drivers to track and manage loads outside of the truck, as well as allowing access to the Driver Portal.

And because great company drivers should always get paid for their job–even when freight isn’t available to provide miles–Celadon is rolling out WageLock, which will allow qualifying drivers to earn weekly pay up to $1,000, even if they cannot run. Eligibility is based on select criteria and the driver’s Tier. Tier 1, 2, and 3 drivers will qualify: the higher the tier, the higher the payout.

Stay tuned as we announce more WageLock information leading up to the November 1 start date!

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1 Comment
    • Chris-
      Sep 24, 2015 18:11 pm Reply

      Well i guess o/o gets screwed again I looked at my settlements and I run 2500+ per week.. but weekly pay averages 435 take home your all rates suck charge more and pay us for what we do.

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