Garmin vs Rand Mcnally Truck GPS – Which One Is Better?

So, here we are, with a Garmin and a Rand McNally truck GPS facing one another. With intense background music playing overhead gives you the tingling anxiety.

Which one holds the forte? If it were a duel, which one do you think will make it home? The newbies might ask, aren’t they all the same? Some will gasp, and some will look at them with grunts.

That is rights fellows; they may have a similar purpose, but they are not the same! Today let us see how they are different and which truck GPS gets to take the crown.

However, we should begin with their introductions before blowing the Garmin vs Rand Mcnally truck GPS battle. Are you ready?

Rand McNally Truck GPS

Rand McNally Truck GPS
  • Large, easy-to-read 7" touchscreen offers crisp, bright, at-a-glance high-resolution...
  • Fueled by new Rand Navigation 2.0 software, customize your route based on truck...
  • Get enhanced map displays, 3-D structures, junction views, weather overlays, millions...
  • Powerful magnetic mount rigorously tested to withstand harsh driving conditions

The Rand McNally technology company is an old one. It has been in the market for about 150 years! So people obviously find such a number a means to reliability when purchasing their GPS products.

It has produced many truck GPS units over the years and has eased driving into the unknown into a less scary adventure. The company also specializes in connectivity tools in other vehicles.

However, it is the ELD, truck GPS, GPS mount, and DashCam products that have turned the company around.

In short, Rand McNally has thought it through way before Garmin that traveling requires exploration. And to explore certain roads will need digital assistance to avoid perils.

So, can this company’s truck GPS live up to the expectation of today’s technology? Read on to the next section to find out.

Features of Rand McNally Truck GPS

What makes the brand a rising star right from the beginning? Why has it become one of the leading GPS navigating system providers? We will see soon enough.

Route Plans

The newer Rand McNally units might seems plain on the outside, but the intricate functionality is exceptionally off the chart. The best part is the way the truck driver benefits from the route planning feature.

Not all GPS systems offer this option. So when a Rand McNally GPS device delivers additional information on the go, you do not hesitate to take advantage.

Things like restaurant stops, fuel stations, possible parking space, etc., will be visible here. This lets the driver make up his/her mind beforehand during the course.

If you are a person who believes in time-is-money, this GPS will help you pre-plan your journey that does not waste a single moment.


Although the individual can acquire this feature via smartphone apps, we do not always prefer using our phones on the job.

Therefore, a few of the Rand McNally units have featured the E-Log system. The trucker can easily log the data as long as the ELD device is compatible with the GPS.

However, there is a time limit of about six months in regards to storage. It is still a great way for a trucker to improve efficiency and performance for his/her benefit.


Overall, it has a straightforward design that helps the users navigate promptly. That does not mean the functions are old-school. Besides, it will not require any installation.

Whether it is the processors or the touchscreen operation, the devices offer more than the basic destination setup. Truckers who have a hard time dealing with digital gadgets might take longer to grasp how it works.

Rand McNally Truck GPS

One of the many functions it offers is the voice command, which can assist you when driving through unknown routes. It can alert you of any wrong turns or coming-up warnings for you to avoid in advance.

Plus, some models even include lane guidance, which is a tremendous help for large vehicles like carriers.

All in all, it will take you to the destination with sheer accuracy, and you will not even have to sweat it.


A mounting option is not a menial function in a GPS. Remember, without a sturdy mount – there is no point getting a high-end GPS anyway.

The majority of the Rand McNally mount comes with magnetic functionality. Here the feature works as you hold and release the gadget to keep it operable.

How does it benefit you? Well, there are countless bumpy roads a truck driver will have to encounter. Thankfully, this mounting option by the brand will not be affected by such rough terrains.

It will stay true to its position and continue to perform without a glitch.


The complexity of the GPS units comes with a cost. Similarly, due to the well-built structural design and numerous operations, some of the units are high-priced.

Do not forget that you are getting a large touchscreen GPS gadget with audio, wireless connections, and a precise route planning system in return! Also, read Truck GPS vs Car GPS: What Are the Differences?

Garmin Truck GPS

Garmin Truck GPS
  • Large, easy-to-read 7” touchscreen offers a bright, crisp, high-resolution display
  • Get custom truck routing (Not available in all areas) based on the size and weight of...
  • View truck-friendly parking information along your route
  • Preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory allows you to filter truck stops by...

First of all, Garmin is an American technology company that specializes in GPS for various entities. From automotive, aviation to marine, outdoor, and sports, the company has produced many models.

It is a competitive name amongst the smart wears as well. Now back to the truck GPS – where two leading products have made fame due to their excellent service.

The first is the Garmin dezl 580, and the second is Garmin dezlCam 785. Both navigators offer preciseness when it comes to routing through the country.

Still, you cannot judge the units without knowing their features. So continue below for the common characteristics of these Garmin truck GPS units.

Features of Garmin Truck GPS

While there are various features to offer, we have stuck to the common ones so that you can see the differences right away. Here come the Garmin praises!

Route Plans

Here the route planning varies slightly from the other brand. Once you get used to the display, you will realize how deep the planning goes in Garmin GPS units.

Firstly, get familiarize with the screen, which you can tap and zoom in to view better. The high resolution merely enhances the visibility during the ride.

Secondly, the incorporated maps will give the driver valuable information that is life-saving in a trucking career. Such information includes various alerts and warnings regarding the coming route.

What you see through the windshield is not the entire plan. Hence, the Garmin GPS will notify you about the unseen/unexpected steep paths or low bridges.

It will also tell you the heights, bends, turns that might not be suitable for the carrier you are driving and suggest an alternative course.

You will have to enter some details about your vehicle to avail of this feature, for instance, height, weight, type of cargo, etc.

Break Stops

Imagine not having to seek a break stop while hauling a large carrier. It feels like a burden removed off the shoulders, right?

Garmin GPS does that to the truckers, easing the facilities so they can find the resting areas before tiring out. It works after certain hours of driving.

Garmin Truck GPS


Plus, the device will offer you additional stopover availability, including diners, ATMs, lodgings, and such. Of course, parking a massive carrier is no joke so that the GPS will inform you about the possible parking areas for the vehicles as well.

Ease of Communication

One of the best things about a Garmin GPS device is that it offers notifications of quick messages. It helps the driver acquiring information like a certain address or change in route without making a U-turn.

It is advantageous to both the operators and the truck drivers.

Voice Command

Of course, the voice command option is highly appreciated when driving. This means the audio feature will keep you up to date with directions as you control the wheels without looking away.

A GPS without a voice command is risky, and Garmin understands it very well.


Now, both GPS units by the brand focus mainly on the conveniences than the cutting-edge features. Still, it offers Wi-Fi, quick updates, a backup camera, and more.

Moreover, the overall zooming display lets you see the routes in a larger view. The processors work smoothly without facing any hiccups.

You can always refresh the information whenever you find a nearby Wi-Fi range. Anybody can start using the gadget without prior experience.

Garmin or Rand McNally?

The choice is yours entirely! But we are here to swiftly slash through the resemblances and bring in the disagreements according to the users.

Road Infrastructure Accuracy

You might have to face longer routes or roundabouts toward the destination when using a Rand McNally GPS. However, the Garmin Delivers the best location punching convenience with fast results.

The RM devices automatically assume you are seeking an in-state destination, which can be annoying. On the other hand, the units offer two types of map modes to ease up the bearings that may be missing in a Garmin GPS.

Yet, Garmin delivers mileage in IFTA miles instead of per month assessment. The auto-generating report is a huge relief for busy truckers but not available in an RM model.


Here the winner standouts eight away since Garmin always updates the information based on the facts. It can be the bridge details or renovating updates about rest zones/diners.

It also updates on the new lanes, roads, and turns that have been recently constructed. As long as you connect the device to Wi-Fi, you will receive everything new.

The RM units’ users are unfortunate in this case. They will have to make do with the pre-installed maps that have not been updated for a few years. So, you might come across a street/establishment that the screen does not show.

Screen Dimension

Despite the favorable qualities of the devices, Garmin sucks at the super-clear display.

Even the small size can be an issue in a large truck. Squinting is not a safe option here, so the company added the zoom-in feature to make up with the dimension.

An RM unit is far advanced when it comes to the display. It is wide and sits on the dashboard like a mini smart TV. However, the zooming preferences are a bit difficult to work with.


Lastly, Garmin units rule the navigating operations due to the constant updates. This allows the driver to decide a preferable route appropriate for the vehicle’s weight and load type.

Thanks to the consistent revisions of bridge heights, weight limits, various turns, or high gradients, the trucker can keep up with the changes and plan in advance.

The Rand McNally, in contrast, offers lane guidance assistance with a backup camera. It lets you view the live feed on the screen and aids in preventing wrong turns.

Final Words

After the uproars heard from both sides, we have weighed down the options and passed our judgment. With the pin-drop silence hanging in the air, we take out the result.

Our final verdict is Garmin truck GPS units! While one side celebrates, the others might shout and disagree. However, you cannot ignore the additional conveniences this company provides.

Rand McNally may be incredible on the road with high-tech features, but one cannot help but feel connected to Garmin’s familiarity.

Hopefully, you like our method of justification and decide accordingly. Until then, good luck and explore the unknown!

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