Enhancements to Fuel Routings


By: Josh Sharpe, Optimization Manager

The Optimization Department continues to strive towards increasing operational efficiencies by capitalizing on synergy between various systems used throughout its operations.  One item currently undergoing new development is our fuel routing software. 

The optimization team is working towards a number of enhancements to fuel routing, including the utilization of business segmentation and custom data sets.  Business segmentation and custom data sets will allow our fuel routing software to become smarter and more efficient.  We will be able to create a different set of routing rules for a variety of scenarios and dedicated operations. This will allow us to drive service on specific routes through these specialized routings. 

Another advantage of this initiative is to have a different set of rules for one driver division over another. While some divisions may get the most cost effective fuel route, we can also provide the shortest option for those owner operators who want run the shortest route possible. 

Finally, we hope to provide routings that fit special customer needs for a given lane. This includes automatically compensating for product that requires low altitude routing, or custom fit a particular set of rules governing loads with just-in-time transit.

These changes and initiatives help us provide better customer service while allowing drivers to use a route that best fits their needs. Utilizing this new fuel routing software is just one of the many ways Celadon remains one of the most progressive truckload transportation companies. 

    • Stephanie
      Jul 29, 2015 14:34 pm Reply

      I hope this works

    • Dennis Musselman
      Jul 29, 2015 14:39 pm Reply

      Hopefully the new system win’t ignore the fuel level we put in our macros like the current system does. I am frequently given stops outside of the range of my fuel level. Also the router uses different routes than our load assignment does, most often a longer route. This can cause drivers to be late since sometimes the fuel route can be 50-100 miles farther than the miles in our load assignment. Not to mention we don’t get paid for those extra miles.

    • Rebel
      Aug 04, 2015 03:11 am Reply

      Stop turning down the motors that’s causing bad fuel economy and lack of power these r hot shot trucks not truck load. Yaw need to listen to a mechanic he’ll tell yaw just like I am and got to all 13 speeds that will help too. And in reefer division we get paid less cause of the governed speed I’m lucky to get 1200a week with 99% of my loads being live.

    • frank
      Aug 10, 2015 09:23 am Reply

      Weight will play a huge role on routes and on e thing that is possibly being left out of the equation is the capacity difference of the fuel tanks from kw to cascadia to prostar etc but keep plugging at it

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