February TOP Trainer & Trainee of the Month

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Trainer Richard Talley

Congratulations to Richard Talley, a local trainer based out of Indianapolis, on achieving February’s Trainer of the Month! He was nominated by his Driver Coordinator, Andy Birsan:

I had the pleasure of going out on the truck and partaking on a run with Richard yesterday as part of the new initiative. On our trip, Richard started explaining to me the approach that he takes with his new students. He said that he looks at it as an opportunity to teach them not only how to drive a truck but also how to be successful in this industry. Richard often stays in contact with his trainees for months after they get off his truck and periodically checks on them to see how they’re doing. In this sense, Richard has been and is continuing to be a mentor and a great leader for his students.

Trainee Rylan Harcourt

Rylan Harcourt received T.O.P. award last month for his outstanding work! Below is his nomination from his Driver Advocate, Tish Jones:

Rylan has been an excellent student.  Rylan was switched from multiple trainers due to truck being broke down or trainers having personal issues.  During this process, Rylan still managed to stay positive and never complained. Rylan did what it took to graduate!

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    • Johnathan newman
      Apr 01, 2016 14:19 pm Reply

      I was his final trainer and Rylan is going to go far in this industry

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