Meet One of Celadon’s Most Efficient Truck Drivers

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Steven Nylen is one of four drivers named Celadon’s March Driver of the Month. As of today, his idle time is an exceptional .2 percent, making him one of Celadon’s most efficient truck drivers. A vet of the trucking industry, Nylen has been with Celadon for 11 years. What’s equally impressive is that he’s worked with Driver Manager, Gyjuan Williams nine of those 11 years. She states “He’s always on time, and follows fuel routing.” Congratulations, Steven!

1 Comment
    • Eric Hunter 991300
      Aug 28, 2015 01:12 am Reply

      My husband Eric Hunter is always fighting for miles.How can he be a recipient of any of these awards if his DM doesn’t give him miles? I have been out on the road as a passenger for almost 8 years and he has to beg for miles. For example, two days ago the load we picked up the tandems wouldn’t slide. Today the load we were to pick up has two flat tires so we are having to wait on even more repairs. When possible (On loads) my husband pushes himself so hard yet there is no appreciation. This past month we lost our car and our apartment because we couldn’t pay the bills. We took time off for the birth of our granddaughter and were only given 789 miles. This is crazy to hear these DMs talk about their drivers running hard when we average under 1500 a week. We need a DM who will work with us and care if we eat and have a roof over our heads.

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