August 2015 Drivers of the Month


Gerald Wagner

DOM Gerald Wagner with best friend and Celadon driver Kendall DOM Gerald Wagner with best friend and Celadon driver Kendall

Gerald Wagner, a native of Germany, began working as a mechanic for his first years in the States, but traveling was still in his heart. Now, he has over 11 years’ experience running hard with Celadon and has opportunities to see the country as he works.

What led to Gerald’s driving career?
Gerald came over to the United States from Germany in 1990 on Thanksgiving Day. After 10 years of working as a mechanic, Gerald decided to start trucking when his mother passed away. He now travels with another driver, his girlfriend Kendall.

What does Gerald enjoy doing outside of work?
He has a dog that he loves to walk and care for. He also enjoys hiking, reading books—especially nautical books, and exploring new places. Travel is Gerald’s true passion, and he loves meeting the natives wherever he goes. He’ll run hard as possible to be able to take a day off in Flagstaff, Arizona, one of his favorite places to visit.

How does Gerald achieve his success?
Gerald completes his job with common sense, understands how to run a truck efficiently and recognizes how his truck idles and drives. “All you do is pick up on time or deliver on time, what you do in between is your problem,” he says.

What keeps Gerald at Celadon?
Gerald looks for good vacation time so he can travel as he likes. Celadon had a better vacation policy than his previous carrier. Because he will run for six to eight weeks at a time, his time off is very important.

Team Dawn and Troy Riggs

Though new to the industry, husband and wife pair Dawn and Troy Riggs have already shown progress as a hardworking team, each with their own unique responsibilities in the truck. They communicate well and never like to stop the truck, pulling in plenty of miles for Celadon.

Why did Dawn and Troy start team driving?
Dawn and Troy had their own separate careers before driving—Dawn as an archaeologist and Troy as a business owner. However, they did not get to spend much time together and chose to drive together as a team. They have now been in the industry for three years.

What motivates them to drive?
The pair has five grandbabies—three girls and two boys. Their hope is to make the money they need to retire comfortably and spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

What advice does the team have for other drivers?
“You have to be careful. You have to pay attention,” Dawn explains. “If you are ever in doubt, stop, and check things out. Always. Safety is the biggest thing. The load is important, but your career and life is more important than the load; you have to get there safely.

What encouraged them to drive Celadon?
Dawn and Troy were enthusiastic about Celadon’s equipment. With a previous company, they were in the shop every week, and now they believe Celadon has the best tractors and trailers on the road.

Dawn and Troy on vacation in Greece with family Dawn and Troy on vacation in Greece with family

Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper was working hard on the road this month and could not complete an interview, but Celadon and his DM congratulate him on his commitment and efficiency as Driver of the Month.

    • Tamie Sherman
      Oct 01, 2015 20:05 pm Reply

      Want to say congrats to drivers of the month!!!! And to all tht was nominated !!!!!! Great job…and a Big thanks to DM tht nominated me as well!!

    • Katrina Achane
      Oct 16, 2015 19:44 pm Reply

      Congratulations to all drivers, I’m so proud to say I am driver of the month for September

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