Driver Portal Release Brings Enhancements to Platform


Celadon is excited to announce it will be launching a revamped version of the Driver Portal on Friday, September 14th! While keeping all of the same functionality and adding a few new features, the Driver Portal has received a face lift to help improve your experience.

Improved Functionality and a Better Look

You will still have the ability to utilize all of your favorite features and tools of the current driver portal. The functionality of your page will remain nearly the same, with a few face lift changes to make everything easier.

New Features

With the face lift comes some cool new features to improve your overall experience. Take a look at just some of our great new tools:

Search Option

The ability to search the driver portal for documents should cut down on your time searching through pages if you’re looking for something specifically.

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My Profile

Your vacation summary, safety incentive program details, and links to your W2 and 1099 Forms are all right on your “My Profile” page now.

Test the New Portal Out This Week

Stop by either the marketing department (2nd floor of the Russell building), or the payroll department to give the new driver portal a test ride!

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