Driver Council October 2017


Celadon hosted its 3rd Quarterly Driver Council meeting on Oct. 11. The purpose of these meetings is to update drivers on anything new going on with Celadon, and it gives us a chance to hear how things are going out on the road for our drivers. It’s part of our “Drivers First” mentality that focuses on creating the best experience possible for our drivers both on and off the road.

Just like the first two meetings this year, this was a great way time to learn how we can keep improving our drivers’ experience. Throughout October’s Driver Council meeting, drivers and administrative employees discussed a variety of topics. Topics discussed were equipment, safety, maintenance, payroll, and more. Read some of the highlights below!

Driver Council – Oct. 2017 Highlights


One of the biggest takeaways was that Celadon needs to continue to improve its communication with drivers. We’re focused on improving that in a variety of ways, primarily by looking into developing new processes for reaching back out to drivers and by holding all of our employees accountable.


Maintenance is working to streamline and further improve its efficiency when trucks come in for service. Celadon will continue to look to improve its services to company drivers and owner operators moving forward.


Safety is looking into possibly purchasing two new safety-related products for drivers. Both are designed to help improve a driver’s safety and efficiency in various conditions while out on the road.


Working on making forms more user-friendly when drivers fill them out when issues arise.


The Operations department is focused on developing and implementing new processes and training initiatives for its employees to help drivers quickly and efficiently resolve any issues they have.

We want to thank the drivers that were able to participate, your input is truly valued. If you want to participate in the next Celadon Driver Council meeting, be sure to keep your eye out on our Facebook page for updates!

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    • James Miller
      Oct 26, 2017 15:17 pm Reply

      O/O trk 774147.
      Why not look into creating a way to pay drivers for loads that start before Tuesday to get paid for the miles they run on the load up til Tuesday midnight. Some kind of T-call. That way we could have consistent paychecks.

      • Ben Green
        Nov 06, 2017 19:45 pm Reply

        James, this request has been forwarded to our driver development team for review! Thank you very much for the suggestion, and stay safe out there.

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