Driver Appreciation Week Recap


driver appreciation week

From cooking out to playing games and raffling off great prizes, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gave our drivers a chance to kick back, relax, and have some fun last week! Better yet, we had the opportunity to try and go above and beyond to show our drivers how much we appreciate everything they do for us.

Check out our recap of the week below!

Driver Appreciation Week Highlights

Games, Prizes, and More

Some of the best highlights of the week came from our water balloon toss and egg race! Some of our contestants were lucky winners and some were, well, not so lucky…

Raffle Prizes

Just some of our giveaways throughout the week included:

  • Television
  • GPS unit
  • CB Radio
  • InstaPot
  • Coffee maker
  • Microwaves
  • Celadon polos
  • and more!

Ten Year Wall Celebration

On Thursday of last week, we got the chance to recognize Celadon drivers who were celebrating ten years of service at Celadon. Ten years at any company in any industry is a great accomplishment, but is especially significant in the trucking industry.

Florida Vacation Giveaway

One of the grand prizes was a week of vacation down at Orange Lake Resorts in Kissimmee, FL. We went live on Facebook last Friday to announce the lucky winner, Shawn. Needless to say, we think he’s pretty excited to make the most of his trip!

Thank You Drivers

We want to take this chance to say one final “Thank you!” to all drivers out on the road. Without you we don’t have the clothes on our backs, the food on our tables, or the roofs over our heads (just to name a few). You perform a job that not just anybody can do, and for that we truly appreciate you and the sacrifices you make!

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