Customers Who Care: Houston Dirickson’s Story


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Celadon company driver Houston Dirickson has driven for Celadon for the past two decades and has been through just about everything imaginable while out on the road. However, he recently had an experience while delivering a load that he’ll never forget and it shows just one of the reasons why we strive to develop the relationships that we have with our customers.

Houston Dirickson’s Story

While at a Federal Mogul loading dock in Jacksonville, AL, Houston suffered a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital. Houston was unable to contact anybody himself, so the employees at Federal Mogul took it upon themselves to make sure he received the medical attention he needed. But they went above and beyond just taking care of him. Not only did they call an ambulance for Houston, but they looked after him and his belongings while he was recovering.

Federal Mogul employees were also kind enough to unload and secure his truck and trailer at the dock, called and checked on him every day, took care of his dog that was in his truck with him at the time and even got him a ride back to his truck from the hospital once he was ready to get back to driving. It’s acts of kindness like this that make us grateful for the kind of customers we have.

Check out Houston tell the story himself by watching the video below!

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