Celadon’s newest master driver David Kuhfahl shares his secret to success


David Kuhfahl joined the ranks of Celadon’s Master Drivers last week.

To become a master driver, David logged one million accident- and violation-free miles. While this is no easy feat, his key to success is simple.

“Keep plenty of rest, and make sure you keep every mile a safe mile,” he said. “If you can’t do every mile, break it down to a quarter mile amount of time. Take your time; enjoy what you do.”

He has seen it all, driving over the road and pulling whatever comes his way, from tanker to dry van to refrigerated. He also used to team drive with his wife.

Over half a million of David’s miles were with Celadon, and he is on his 29th year in the trucking industry. David has been with the company for five and a half years. While on the road, David works with his two driver managers, Andrew and Jessica. The team works hard but has fun, too.

“We have fun; we kid around,” David admitted. “I like making them laugh but we keep the communication going.”

David is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He says “seeing God’s country” is the best part of life on the road, especially the beautiful sunsets he gets to witness along the way.

When David isn’t driving, he works with a group he started in June 2008 that supports veterans. He enjoys thanking veterans for the country’s freedom and praying with them.

He also enjoys time with his large family: his wife, his father, various nieces and nephews and 18 grandchildren (plus a 19th grandchild on the way.) He recently spent four days with the kids on his vacation. He hopes to pass on life lessons to his family.

Starting a job at Celadon for David was a second chance at a career, and now he is one of the most honored drivers in the business. He reflected positively on his time as a driver.

“Even though you’ve got a number, you’re treated as a person,” David explained. “It’s a great opportunity to work for a company that appreciates you, and that takes a lot of the stress off of being out there. If you’re tired, they understand. If there’s adverse weather, they understand. They care about you more than that load.”

    • Kayla Greene
      Aug 07, 2015 01:16 am Reply

      Go grandpa ? Super proud of you!

    • Rebecalicia Kuhfahl
      Aug 08, 2015 08:48 am Reply

      Good job dad.

    • David J Kuhfahl Jr
      Sep 01, 2015 04:02 am Reply

      I thank my God and all my friends and family for the prayers that helped to keep me safe out on the road. With the drivers out there today. You need to keep both eyes on everything around y..At all time you are behind the steering wheel of these big 18 wheeler’s. So with God I cross This Great USA form East to West and form North to South. As I Crisscross America. And I hope to keep on being safe as I drive off in my White Truck. p.s. The Horse died long ago. l o l.

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