Celadon Refrigerated Ops Team Works Hard for Drivers


Celadon Refrigrated Ops Team

It hasn’t taken long for Celadon company driver Luis Quinones to feel the impact our hard-working operations team has on our drivers. In the first six months of his employment, Quinones believes that those he has worked with not only value him as a driver but also as a co-worker.

How Celadon Refrigerated Goes Above and Beyond

“One of the most important things that the refrigerated team has expressed to me is that we are coworkers” Quinones said. “They have given myself and my teammate the feeling that they are here to do a job as well as make sure we as drivers are equipped to do it together.”

Quinones said while they sometimes disagree, in the end he knows he is more than a number.

“The coworker feeling is a valuable feeling,” Quiones said, “We don’t ever feel like we have a million bosses and one load. Do we go back and forth? Yes, but it is definitely what coworkers do.”

Quinones also praises those he has worked with for doing their best to accommodate drivers.

“We may take short loads, but once we establish what we require as drivers they attempt to accommodate us,” he said. “Communication is everything. One thing I can say is they will put forth an effort to establish what is the problem and take steps to correct it as well. Scott, Aaron, Tyler and Jamie are really on it.”

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