5 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Celadon Logistics


celadon logistics

One of the most critical choices a business has to face is how to handle, store and ship both their raw materials and finished goods. A very reasonable, and usually most efficient option, is to allow a third party to handle and ship goods. At Celadon Logistics, we allow you to utilize our many tools to ship and store your goods, relieving you of all the hassle and stress. Here are five reasons partnering with Celadon Logistics for warehousing can help your business:

  1. Driver Shortage – The American Trucking Association estimates a national driver shortage to be between 35,000 – 40,000 drivers and expected to increase to nearly 300,000 by 2025. Partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) will reduce the stress of dealing with this driver shortage, and let your business focus on its primary tasks.
  2. Warehousing Space – Celadon Logistics has more than three million square feet in dedicated and shared warehousing space. If your business doesn’t have a need for an entire warehouse, needs space in multiple areas or the task of ware house management seems daunting (which it is), we have a customized solution for your needs.
  3. Inventory Accuracy – Partnering with a 3PL is supposed to reduce stress, not increase it, and an inaccurate warehousing partner will certainly increase the stressors associate with logistics and storage.  From May to November of 2014, or inventory accuracy averaged 99.77%, opposed to the industry average of 98%.
  4. Accessible Information – Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to check your inventory in real-time at anytime, anywhere. Now that’s information accessibility that allows business owners and managers to sleep well at night.
  5. Value-Added Services – We could write a whole separate list of reasons why our value-added services make Celadon Logistics a top warehousing partner, but you can read all about that here. As a warehousing partner, Celadon Logistics has the resources to help your business grow or move in the direction you want.

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