Celadon Driver Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary


Celadon Driver Achieves 30 Year Milestone

Celadon driver Jerry Irvine recently celebrated 30 years with the company, making him one of the longest-running employees in the company’s 30-year history.

Celadon Founder and Chairman of the Board, Steve Russell, shakes hands with 30-year Celadon driver, Jerry Irvine. Celadon Founder and Chairman of the Board, Steve Russell, shakes hands with 30-year Celadon driver, Jerry Irvine.

Before working at Celadon, Jerry worked for Zipp Express, giving him 31 years total experience in the transportation industry. Jerry enjoys the everyday challenge of his work and takes pride in having a clean record; he also loves to work with a variety of different customers and products.

As a veteran of the industry, Jerry says he’s seen it all, from hauling with Toys-R-Us and packing trailers to the brim to helping fellow truckers get out of sticky situations. In Louisville, Jerry once helped a driver that flipped a loaded 53-foot van. They pulled the trailer—which was a whopping 39,000 pounds—out of an embankment and spent three hours loading the cargo into Jerry’s truck. The company he helped gave him an $80 bonus for his assistance.

No matter what comes at him, Jerry insists that driving safely and using common sense are the most important parts of his job. If you’re good at what you do, you can put a trailer anywhere you want, he says.

Jerry is an Indianapolis native who bought a farm on his 21st birthday in Greenfield and built a house there in 1993, where he still lives today. He employs a man to farm the land for him and keeps mini horses, goats, and ducks. It’s “like a mini petting zoo,” he joked.

Jerry has two children and enjoys going to shows for antique tractors and engines, which he collects.

At Celadon, Jerry most enjoys the family atmosphere and appreciates that the company acknowledges birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. He likes that drivers will help each other out and has several good friends who also drive for the company. “I love that the CEO is personable and approachable,” he added.

Though Jerry has been trucking with Celadon for all its 30 years, he shows no signs of quitting soon. “They’re going to carry me out of here in a pine box,” he laughed, talking about retirement.

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