How To Remove Truck Bed Cover

How To Remove Truck Bed Cover

While not every truck is fitted with a tonneau cover, it is one of the most useful accessories for your truck. These covers are often used to protect your valuable cargo from thieves and other issues that might arise from leaving it exposed, but many people have been asking how to remove the truck bed … Read more

Owner Operators: Switching Has Never Been Easier

Celadon’s $4,500 Transition Pay Makes Shifting Careers a Breeze Any driver who joins Celadon as a true owner-operator and completes orientation receives $4,500 in their first 85,000 miles to help with the transition into a new career! This is equivalent to $0.05/mile on top of their normal pay rate. If you’re a solo owner/operator – bring your truck to Celadon and … Read more

Dry Van – Make $60,000/Year!

The Celadon dry van fleet focuses on long-haul routes and averages 2,400-2,600 miles every week. We’re going back to trucking basics and putting our drivers first at Celadon. Dry van drivers at Celadon can earn over $1,200 per week! Add to that a pay raise every 120,000 miles (no cap), and our paid vacation package, … Read more

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