10 Best Gps Mounts For Car (Reviews 2021)

GPS units have for quite some time played a role in providing drivers easy to use navigation functionalities. They are perfect solutions for not only the drivers but also adventurers, and anyone planning to travel around the globe. With a GPS, you can turn your mobile device off and enjoy getting through different routes with ease.

But what is the best GPS mount you should trust to hold your device into place while driving? Remember, you need to station your GPS well to enjoy viewing all details displayed.

However, since we have several GPS mount models in the market, it isn’t an easy task to select what to purchase. Below, we are representing a review of the top not mounts buyers should consider when purchasing these units.

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10 Best GPS Mounts for Car

When on the verge of purchasing the best GPS mount unit, there are a lot of aspects buyers should mind. For first-time buyers, most of them get frustrated with the process and end up selecting anything they come across. Our discussion herein provides an idea of the top market model prospective buyers should consider. But what is the best GPS car mount? Let’s read through to get what is on the list.

1. Garmin Portable Friction Mount – Frustration-Free Packaging

Garmin Portable Friction Mount

Buyers always need to have their products arrive in good condition to enjoy the service they are intended to offer. Regarding this consideration, Garmin manufacturers have perfected the art of excellently packaging their products. Moreover, they don’t involve third parties shipping their products. Garmin manufacturers ships their GPS units in Amazon frustration-free packaging to ensure they arrive safely to the owners.

Customer packages contain not only the dashboard mount unit but also an arm attachment. Also, the manufacturers provide buyers detailed manuals meant to guide users through the entire setup process. What makes these GPS mounts different is the four-arm shapes that enable them to conform easily to the dashboard.

Garmin Portable Friction Mounts are perfect for people who need units that offer an easy way to mount/unmount their devices. They get designed in such a way that they attach to the current cradle with ease. Consequently, the arm attachment that comes with these units locks into place once turned to the user’s liking. Garmin Portable Friction Mounts combats with the StreetPilot and nüvi GPS navigator series.


  • Backed by a one-year limited refund warranty.
  • Perfect portable model
  • Easy to use GPS mounts
  • Holds firmly


  • Poor quality control
  • Slow delivery process

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2. GPS Suction Cup Mount for Garmin GPS

GPS Suction Cup Mount for Garmin [Quick Extension...
  • Newly innovative Ball Plunger Telescopic Arm, pivots in 240 degree and adjust from...
  • Strong suction cup has a adhesive gel base will mount your Garmin gps steadily in...
  • An alternative to gps cd slot mount holder, gps air vent mount holder, gps friction...
  • for Garmin Nuvi 1100 1200 1250 1260 1300 1350 1370 1390 1450 1490 1690 (LM LMT T),...

You need to set your unit in such a way that you can view all details with ease. In that regard, the GPS Suction Cup Mount for Garmin makes the perfect solutions worthy to consider. They have plunger telescopic arms adjustable up to 5.75 inches for easy reach by the user. Moreover, their newly innovative arms pivot in 240 degrees for optimal viewing.

We have few GPS mounts designed in a way for users to adjust arms single-handedly. Such models are the GPS Suction Cup Mount for Garmin; they get adjusted by pulling or pushing the arm. Another excellent thing about these models is their strong suction cups that comprise adhesive gel bases. With such a feature, you can mount your GPS device into position steadily to enable you to attain an excellent viewing position.

Consequently, the GPS Suction Cup Mount for Garmin represents part of the easiest-to-install mounting units we have. Customer packages contain a suction cup mount, wipes, and sticky dashboard pads. Nevertheless, manufacturers provide customers detailed installation guides to provide a blueprint on the setup process. Other components like the cradle and mounting brackets are separately obtained.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Quality products
  • Sturdy GPS mount
  • Sticks firmly


  • Poor suction power
  • Difficult to remove

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3. APPS2Car Gps Mount For Car Dashboard

GPS Mount, APPS2Car GPS Dashboard Mount Nonslip...
  • Spring lock clamp holder will fit any 3-7 inch GPS and cell phones with unique...
  • No tools required, easily attach a GPS / cell phone unit to your dash with APPS2Car...
  • One of the Best Alternative GPS and cell phone Car Truck Mounting Solution for the...
  • GPS Portable Friction Mount Compatible with Garmin Nuvi 1100 1200 1250 1260 1300 1350...

Here is another best GPS dashboard mount that has outperformed other options due to its immense value-added features. These mounts have spring lock clamp holders that make them suitable for GPS units up to 7 inches display. Apart from being the perfect fit for GPS devices, they are also solutions for mounting cell phones.

Moreover, having these mounts is an assurance that your unit will never fumble wherever you are driving. For one, these mounts boast anti-slip Jello blocks that enable installed GPS devices to stick firmly into the dashboard. Also, they have weighted sandbag bodies to enable the GPS device to stay firm in the dash.

Installing your GPS to this mount doesn’t require any tool at all. Their bodies comprise five slots that enable users to adjust their GPS units into different angles for optimal view. Furthermore, they don’t have magnets and they cause no harm to units mounted on them.

Nevertheless, these GPS mounts make the perfect solutions in windshield-restricted states. Manufacturers also design them capable of holding firmly even when driving in extreme climatic conditions. Lastly, most people like these GPS mounts since they don’t interfere with cd slots as well as air vents.


  • Sits excellently where mounted
  • Durable GPS mounts
  • Perfectly weighted
  • Sturdy and excellent quality


  • Doesn’t stay firm
  • Unclear instructions

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4. 1Zero GPS Holder for Car [Matte Black Dock] 

GPS Dash Mount [Matte Black Dock] for Garmin Nuvi...
  • Spring-Locked Dashboard Dock Car Mount has a Non-slip Sticky 3M Tape, will holds your...
  • Original texture design perfectly matches and blends well with any car's interior....
  • GPS Holder for Garmin Nuvi 40 42 44 50 51 52 54 55 56 57 58 60 61 65 67 68 (LM LMT),...
  • Universal GPS Holder for Car, compatible with 3.5-6 inch handheld GPS, such as TomTom...

Most people love GPS mount units that feature universal compatibility to suit a variety of devices. If you fall into this category, then you should give the GPS dash mounts a try. These GPS mounts serve the perfect solutions to smartphones, 3.5-6 inch GPS navigators, and all handheld devices. People who enjoy the service of these units include those owning the Nintendo Switches, TomTom, iPhone, and Android phones.

Compared to the above models, the GPS Dash appears to be sturdier over them. Another thing that places them far ahead of others is their non-sticky 3M tapes. With this feature, the GPS units stay firm even when driving in rough terrains. Also, these mounts take up the three slots design that enable users to make angle adjustments as they require.

Consequently, the entire setup process is hassle-free since buyers don’t require any mounting brackets to accomplish the job. Unlike other GPS mounts, you don’t need magnets or any other tool to start using these units. Simply adhere the mount directly to the car’s dashboard using the tape and start enjoying services.

Nevertheless, these GPS mounts have sunshine-resistance covers to maintain a clear view. These covers also prevent overheating that might arise through reflected light. Manufacturers recommend installing these GPS mounts on clean and dry dashboards only. Also, they only fit best when installed on a flat platform on the car dashboard.


  • Hold device securely
  • Versatile GPS mounts
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install and use


  • Limited angles
  • Questionable adhesion

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5. Randconcept – GPS Mount for Garmin

Randconcept - GPS Mount for Garmin | GPS Dashboard...
  • ✅HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Our Garmin gps mount fits Garmin nuvi devices with 17mm swivel...
  • ✅WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Universal Mount Ball compatible for Nuvi Drive Dēzl...
  • ✅SAFE JOURNEY: Garmin suction cup mount base provides stable surface mounting...
  • ✅COMFORTABLE VIEW: Garmin GPS mount arm adjusts vertically and provides 360-degree...

Looking for a GPS mount that neither locks all your car display information? Go for nothing other than the Randconcept mounts that don’t block back the camera screen, air vent outlet, and other displays. Another thing that has placed these models in the list of top-notch options due to their high compatibility capabilities. These mounts feature a 17 mm swivel mounting pattern to make them suitable for all Garmin Nuvi devices.

No matter the type of terrain you will drive through, these mounts comprise sturdy arms holding the GPS firmly. Moreover, the suction cup mount base is flat and therefore forming an excellent mounting space for the unit. Drivers really have enjoyable experiences since they don’t get involved in frequent dropping on roads. They make the perfect solutions for not only the vehicle dashboards but also all other flat textured surfaces.

Consequently, Randconcept GPS mounts also make to be a choice of many due to their flexible viewing capabilities. They feature 3-inch articulating arms that enable users to adjust them vertically to their preferable points. Furthermore, these mounts feature joint balls that enable 360-degree rotation for users to enjoy optimal viewing. Before installing them, ensure you do that in a clean and dry dashboard.


  • Holds firmly
  • Very adjustable
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to install


  • The suction cup keeps falling
  • Doesn’t hold weighted GPS devices

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6. GPS Mount, APPS2Car CD Slot GPS Mount

GPS Mount, APPS2Car CD Slot GPS Mount GPS Holder...
  • Never get lost! Keep your Garmin Nuvi GPS with you all the time with this CD Slot...
  • An alternative to the windshield & dash mounts - Clearing up the car’s windshield,...
  • Extra GPS Mount – Having several GPS mounts is an ideal solution for moving your...
  • Mounting bracket NOT included. Mount base only.

You always need to go for units with value-added features if you really yearn to get an excellent service. These mounts are different since users can still view in grand sunlight due to their lower position below the dash. With these GPS mounts, you have the opportunity to focus ahead even while maintaining the mount in the arm’s reach.

Another great aspect that makes these GPS mounts the choice of many people is their versatility manner. With 17.2mm swivel balls, they combat with all Garmin Nuvi GPS brackets. Customer packages comprise of one CD slot mount and a manual with details of installing the unit. Mounting brackets are separately acquired since manufacturers don’t include them in customer packages.


  • Strong and durable
  • Holds firmly
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install and use


  • Questionable adhesion
  • Slow delivery

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7. Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging

Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging, One...
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • For the StreetPilot C550
  • Replacement
  • Secure your device to your windshield or any smooth, flat surface with this suction...

Another interesting GPS mount that will leave you happy is the Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging. Users like it because it comes with a mounting system that fits almost all Garmin GPS mounting models with the ball socket type.

Consequently, the Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging boasts a circular plastic disc that users adhere to their dashboard. The disc is essential because it offers a better suction surface for it to work great. Your windshield will not get the strong suction force but you will like the way it sucks.

Moreover, the Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging serves as the best replacement for any failed version. What makes it outstanding is because you can take it off easily without causing any more damage to the rubber suction mounting cup.

Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging also is among the best because it is relatively cheap compared to other similar devices. Users enjoy using it because it meets all the requirements despite it being relatively cheap.


  • Strong suction force
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible suction cuts
  • Fits tightly.


  • No suction cup mount
  • Does not work with other cameras like Dashcam 35

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8. Eeejumpe Black Suction Cup Mount GPS Holder for Garmin Nuvi Car Windscreen Windshield (D132)

Eeejumpe Black Suction Cup Mount GPS Holder for...
  • Mount Type: Windshield
  • Never lose your way! Keep your Garmin Nuvi GPS with you at all time with this...
  • Extra GPS mounts are the perfect solution for moving your navigation system from one...
  • Mounting bracket not included.

Making to our list is the Eeejumpe Black Suction Cup Mount GPS Holder for Garmin Nuvi Car Windscreen Windshield (D132). These models make the best GPS holder for truck for their ease to use and work excellently on your windshield. All you need to do is t stick the mount on the windshield with the help of the suction cup and then have it locked in the right place.

Manufacturers design Eeejumpe Black Suction Cup Mount GPS Holder for Garmin Nuvi Car Windscreen Windshield (D132) to be windshield compact because it comes with a suction mount. Moreover, its lightweight design makes it ideal to place anywhere on the windshield suction cup. Everybody needs extra GPS mounts to easily move the navigation system within different vehicles without necessarily straining.

Moreover, the Eeejumpe Black Suction Cup Mount GPS Holder for Garmin Nuvi Car Windscreen Windshield (D132) is designed for you to easily move it. When moving it from car to car, there is no hassle.

Consequently, the presence of a ball socket suction puts this product in a better position to firmly hold on to the windshield. A feature that offers you a stable viewing position and environment.


  • Good quality
  • Fits tightly and rightly
  • Great stick
  • Durable


  • Loses suction after a while
  • Not ideal for hot climates.

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9. Stylez 2Pcs GPS Windshield Mount Holder for Garmin Nuvi Suction Cup Car Windscreen

What makes the Stylez 2Pcs GPS Windshield Mount Holder for Garmin Nuvi Suction Cup Car Windscreen relevant in this category is the presence of a ball socket suction cup. Manufacturers include this item to offer firmness when fitting on the windshield. You will enjoy the best and stable viewing environment without straining.

Another important thing that makes Stylez 2Pcs GPS Windshield Mount Holder for Garmin Nuvi Suction Cup Car Windscreen exceptional is its compatibility. Manufacturers design it to be perfectly compatible with every type of Garmin GPS mount product that has a pattern that is a swivel ball socket.

Once you place the order your order you will get your package that includes a 2 x Car GPS Holder that has measurements ranging from a 2.2inch diameter and a 2.5inch height. They are designed to perfectly fit to your windshield.

Users of this GPS mount appreciate it because it is made up of quality materials. Generally, the quality is amazing because it can withstand direct sunlight for an extended period. There is no other best choice other than the car navigation bracket.


  • Hold on the windshield fairly well
  • Less expensive
  • Can withstand direct sunlight for sometime
  • Better circular pad


  • Too soft for long-term use
  • Poor build materials

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10. Arkon GPS Mount (ARKON GN079WD)

ARKON GN079WD Replacement Upgrade or Additional...
  • Fits Garmin nuvi devices with 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern
  • Sticky suction base provides a maximum surface bond on smooth surfaces
  • Suction mount arm adjusts vertically and provides 360-degree rotation
  • This mount package includes only the Sticky Suction Mounting Pedestal with 3-inch...

Here is another convincing GPS mount on the list, the Arkon GPS Mount (GN079WD) Replacement Upgrade or Additional Windshield Dashboard Sticky Suction Mounting Pedestal with 3-Inch Arm for Garmin Nuvi GPS. A GPS mount is best known because it is designed to fit any Garmin Nuvi device that has a swivel ball mounting pattern measuring 17mm.

Manufacturers include a sticky suction base that offers an extremely surface bond on smooth surfaces. You will worry less once the mount is at your disposal because it is perfect for car dashboards as well as windshields.

Consequently, the device is unmatched because its suction mount arm is designed in a way that it can adjust vertically. Hence, this makes it ideal to provide a 360-degree angle rotation. Hence, you can easily view it from any angle. Consequently, its design is compatible with multiple Garmin Nuvi models like 200, 2013, 1450, etc.

Users of ARKON GN079WD Replacement Upgrade or Additional Windshield Dashboard Sticky Suction Mounting Pedestal with 3-Inch Arm for Garmin Nuvi GPS also enjoy a 2-year limited warranty. With such a warranty, they can have the confidence that they don’t spend unnecessarily, and in case of any problem the warranty can come in to assist.


  • Holds well on the dashboard
  • Easy to install
  • Nicely adjustable
  • Has a great suction cup


  • Sometimes adhesive fails after a while
  • No way to contact the manufacturer for a warranty.

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Buying Guide For GPS Mount

Above, we have learned about the several GPS mount models users should highly consider when in need of purchasing them. However, as a buyer, you need to decide the best option of all. Below, we have prepared a list of factors prospective buyers should consider to decide what to purchase. Let’s get through these aspects and ideally, you will settle at the best mount for Garmin GPS ever.

Type of Mount

In your selection process, the type of mount you intend to purchase comes as the top aspect to mind most. GPS mounts are of different types and they boast different features alike. The common mounts in the market are those boasting magnetic and clamp designs. Even if they get designed to serve a similar purpose, they have some differences also.

Magnetic options have magnetic clamps meant to attract the GPS devices firmly into place. However, other models require GPS devices to weigh a certain weight limit for things to work the best way. Apart from mounts that feature the magnetic options, we also have those boasting the clamp design. With them, the weight aspect of the GPS device doesn’t matter at all.

A difference between the two models is that models boasting the traditional clamp designs take up more space. However, they hold into place firmly wherever the road terrain you intend to drive. From this description, buyers should decide what would really work perfectly for them.

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Base Mounting Features

We have different GPS mounts boasting different features to make them show a difference from other models. The common ones being those with weighted bases and adhesives. However, buyers’ choice depends on the GPS units you have and your general requirements. The adhesives for instance make the perfect solutions to prospective buyers who yearn for products that hold strongly.

Gps Mounts

However, different models get into the market to provide a helping hand wherever a counterpart model doesn’t work effectively. For instance, if you live in areas with an extreme climate, then the adhesives won’t form perfect solutions for you. In this regard, you can consider other models like beanbag mounts. They have small particles in them for additional weight to prevent them from flipping off.

Other important mounting features are the suction cups for those who don’t like altering their GPS positions. Such a feature enables buyers to set up their GPS devices either on the dashboard or in any plastic portion. Consider these features, and you will make a perfect decision.

Size Compatibility

Apart from the factor above, customers also need to consider the size compatibility of the unit they intend to purchase. Ensure that you only consider mounting units that are a good fit for your GPS device.

In this aspect, buyers get advised to understand the screen size of the GPS they have. Even if most mounts have this aspect in mind, it’s important to take measurements again as a way of avoiding regrets.

Older GPS screens measure up to 4.3 inches while the newer options have larger ones measuring up to 7 inches. Even if all mounts can fit the GPS units in the market, you must measure again before paying money. Compare what you have with what the seller has indicated on the description to get assurance.

Ease of Mounting

Most people forget this aspect most but, it’s one of the importance of all. You need a unit that is easy to set up and one that offers ease to fit a GPS device. Under this aspect, you also need to look at other features that help to hold the GPS unit strongly.

Another important thing that you need to consider under this aspect is the ease of removing the unit. You need a mount that is simple to move into different cars whenever there is a need. That way, you will choose the perfect model that won’t stress you whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are GPS mounts?

These are devices used to attach GPS devices to enable drivers to navigate through different routes.

2. How do GPS mounts work?

GPS mounts help to move navigation devices for drivers to have an idea of where they are headed.

3. Are GPS devices legalized for use?

Yes, GPS devices have been approved for use in several states like for instance in California. However, still few states haven’t legalized them.

4. Are magnetic mounts bad for phones?

Not really, these mounts get magnetized to the smartphone cases alone. Nevertheless, the units aren’t powerful to affect smartphones.

5. Can drivers use GPS while driving?

Yes, as long as the device is set at a mount fix, and it is not a mobile phone. Moreover, they are ideal when set where they don’t obscure the view of the road.


GPS devices are perfect units for every driver as well as adventurous persons alike. They provide ideas of the best route to avoid too many mishaps on roads. However, mounting them in a strategic place is essential to all drivers to prevent obscuring the view of the road. Using the GPS mounts above, nothing shall ever turn of being a problem at all.

Our review has provided prospective buyers with ideas of the best GPS mount they should consider. We also have a buying guide to narrow down the selection process for buyers. Using the ideas in this review will enable you to make an amicable choice of the best option overall.


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