10 Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck of 2021

CB antennas form the best links or connection systems between CB radios and the outside world. These interfaces determine the signal range as well as the clarity of your radio wherever you go. However, with several antenna options available around, their strength capabilities vary alike. 

Selecting the best CB antenna for pickup truck isn’t all about getting loud and clear conversations. What you choose should boost excellent reception as well as an easy-to-mount model. So, what is the best CB radio antenna for your pickup truck? Get tuned in to this review to get an insight of the top-rated CB antennas available in the market. 

5 Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck: Editor’s Recommended

Choosing an excellent CB antenna can turn up as a complex task, especially for novice users. However, nothing shall worry you anymore since this review guides buyers on how to make decisions. We present to readers top-notch CB antenna models in the market worth purchasing.

Consequently, we shall provide a hint of few aspects that are crucial for the selection process. Here are the best CB antennas worthy of purchase. 

5 Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck

1. WILSON 305-495 3500-Watt Trucker Antenna 

WILSON 305-495 3500-Watt Trucker Antenna (Black)
  • Rated at 3500 watts. Frequency range is from 26 MHz to 30 MHz
  • 10" shaft standard 0.38-Inch x 24 thread
  • Larger coil housing allows for increased power handling
  • 49" Stainless steel whip

It’s no secret that the WILSON 305-495 CB antenna stands out in the market due to its exceptional performance. The sturdy 49″ stainless steel whip provides excellent CB radio clarity and signal range to connect with friends. At its height, pickup drivers get assured of receiving a frequency range of between 26 and 30 MHz. 

People who use WILSON 305-495 CB antenna can testify that they never go wrong with these antenna models. They feature larger coil housings to enable them to hold the power of up to 3500 watts. Moreover, installing these antennas is simple and straightforward.

However, owners need to purchase separate installation receptacles that combats with 0.38-Inch X24 thread to accomplish the setup. 

How about its effectiveness in harsh weather like heavy rains, winds, and bad roads? This black antenna works perfectly in all climatic conditions and any geographical location with its static reducing cap.

Nevertheless, the WILSON 305-495 forms the most durable models around, suitable for excellent signal transmission even in the roughest terrains. 


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Excellent price
  • Easy to tune and use
  • A flexible and durable CB antenna


  • Instructions now written correctly
  • Not of good quality

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2. Wilson 305-493 T2000 Series Red Mobile CB Trucker Antenna 

Wilson Antenna 305-493 T2000 Series Red Mobile CB...
  • T2000 Series is a Stainless Steel Centre Loaded Coil
  • 5" Shaft and 49" Stainless Steel Whip
  • Rated at 3500 Watts
  • Larger Coil Housing Allows for Increased Power Handling

Like their brother, the Wilson 305-495, this model stands out due to its exemplary performance in transmitting signals. Wilson’s manufacturers have always remained the top sellers as they produce antennas boasting excellent features that enhance the best performance.

For instance, they have large coil housing that makes them capable of handling up to 3500 watts of power. Certainly, a strong power for antennas of their price since they can stay active no matter the place’s condition. 

Consequently, the sturdy 49″ whip is excellent at pulling signals from the world around to enhance utmost clarity. At 49″, Wilson 305-493 offers signal transmission in the frequency of between 26 and 30 MHz.

Moreover, Wilson 305-493 boasts quality engineered thermoplastic holders to reduce any agents that might interrupt signal transmission. Hence, they make the best solution in busy and congested locations. 

Furthermore, the CB antennas’ construction includes a static reducing tip and a weather cap that makes them solutions in all weathers. The static tip also helps to quiet the receiver and offer protection whenever a thunderstorm or lightning strikes. Lastly, installing this CB antenna is likewise simple and straightforward. 


  • Fast delivery and easy to install
  • Great coverage and excellent clarity
  • Good price
  • Designed to stay longer


  • Other packages arrive broken
  • Reception not excellent

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3. RoadPro RPPS-23 KB Platinum Series Black 3′ 1000W Dual Mirror Mount CB Antenna

RoadPro RPPS-23KB Platinum Series Black 3' 1000W...
  • 16 Gauge Copper Wire for Handling 1000 Watts
  • Computer Measured Copper Wire for Maximum Output and Reception
  • Hermetically Sealed Coax Cable for Extra Protection
  • 100 percent Non-Corrosive Clear Anodized Mounts with Stainless Steel Hardware

Another top brand available in the market is the RoadPro RPPS-23 KB CB antenna. Designed with a 16 gauge copper cable to maintain steady all through to provide excellent clarity. Ideally, RoadPro RPPS-23 KB is strong enough to handle 1000 watts of power without pulling signals off upon disturbance by any agent. 

Manufacturers employed computer-measured wire in the construction of the antenna to provide maximum output and reception. Ideally, RoadPro RPPS-23 KB is a true representation of durable CB radio antennas around.

Their corrosive-resistant anodized mounts hold them firm in all weathers without getting damages. Consequently, manufacturers design the entire hardware set using stainless steel for extended durability. 

Furthermore, the coax cable maintains sufficient signal transmission for excellent frequency connection purposes. Manufacturers consider employing the hermetically sealed cable options in their construction for added protection. RoadPro RPPS-23 KB are convenient and durable CB antennas worth the money for your pickup truck. 


  • Perfect solution for off-road vehicles
  • Excellent performance and reception
  • A quality product and the ideal price
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Others arrive broken
  • Not durable at all

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4. Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63- Inch CB Antenna

Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63-...
  • 10,000W
  • 49" stainless steel whip
  • 6" stainless steel shaft
  • Triple chrome-plated copper coil

Pickup operators who need maximum distance coverage should consider the Browning BR-28 as their best bet. With a massive 49-Inches whip, these antennas can boast up to 10,000 Watts power with excellent clarity wherever you travel. Moreover, the 6-Inch stainless shaft is sufficient to gather signals from the world around for good connection. 

Consequently, the manufacturer designs the antenna with a triple chrome-plated coil for extra protection as well as high performance. Ideally, the Browning BR-28 CB antennas offer signal transmission of frequencies between 25 and 30 MHZ. Certainly, a perfect antenna to pull signals for excellent clarity.

Nevertheless, installing the Browning BR-28 CB antennas is the simplest of all compared to other models available in the market. They get designed with 3-Way mounts to offer owners hassle-free installation processes. Also, the entire hardware features construction by stainless steel for extended durability. 


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • An excellent antenna for its price
  • Excellent performance and reception
  • A true representation of a durable antenna


  • The whip breaks down fast
  • Not exactly what the seller advertises 

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5. Pro Trucker Single 3′ 750 Watt CB Radio Antenna 

Pro Trucker Single 3' 750 Watt CB Radio Antenna...
  • No frills and easy to install all-in-one CB antenna kit
  • 3' fiberglass CB radio antenna rated at 750 Watts - White
  • 9' high grade coaxial cable with PL-259 connectors on each end
  • Heavy duty double groove mirror mount with heavy duty antenna stud with 3/8" x 24...

People who need to invest in lasting CB antennas for their pickup trucks should go for Pro Trucker models. These models remain the choice for many people due to their resilience as well as lightweight buildup design. Moreover, their quality and general performance have remained unmatched for over three decades now. Pro Trucker constructs 3-Inche CB radio antennas that hold up to 750 Watts power. 

Setting up these antennas is simple due to the inclusion of essential installation hardware in the kit. Pro Trucker package kits include 9 feet long quality coax cable with the ends featuring connectors for a hassle-free connection.

The inclusion of studs with 3/8″ x 24 threads makes mounting a breeze and a great alternative mounting process. 

Consequently, the quality groove mirror mounts mean a lot, especially when driving in places with strong winds. Worry less when driving at high speeds or in rough terrains since the mounts hold the antenna in place securely.

However, you need to get installation spectacles separately to accept the threaded mounting of these antennas. 


  • Excellent packaging and fast delivery
  • A flexible and durable CB antenna
  • Offers maximum performance and higher reception
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Doesn’t come with all the installation spectacles
  • Wrong user instructions

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6. Aries Automotive ARIES 10822 SINGLE 4` FOOT 500 WATT CB RADIO ANTENNA 

Aries Automotive ARIES 10822 SINGLE 4` FOOT 500...

When selecting the best CB antenna for pickups, most people tend to forget they will use them in any climatic condition. Aries Automotive antenna models make the best solutions for people worrying about harsh weather conditions. With a 4-inch fiberglass whip, this model is a clear representation of a highly performing antenna for capturing strong signals. 

Several antennas around boast power handling capabilities of as low as 300 Watts. However, Aries Automotive looked deeper at improving their product to hold the power of up to 500 Watts. Moreover, the quality double groove mount enables drivers to enjoy signal clarity when driving at high speeds or in strong winds. 

What makes Aries Automotive CB antenna models the choice of many people is their hassle-free installation process. Buyers simply require fastening screws to the W/3/8 X24 stud to start enjoying the experience. Nevertheless, packages include 6 inches quality coaxial cable to provide the utmost flexibility during the installation process. 


  • Easy to tune and use CB antenna
  • Excellent product for its price
  • Great reception and amazing performers
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble CB antenna


  • Comes with a crap cable
  • Easy to break

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7. Tram Oil Filled Coil CB Antenna (717)

Wind resistance is a factor to keep in mind when selecting the best CB antenna for your pickup truck. Coil antennas are specialized solutions in handling wind resistance due to their heavy-duty construction boasting a strong field strength. With a 6-inch shaft, this is sufficient to reach out for signals to give users excellent clarity. 

Most CB antennas available in the market boast 49 inches tall whips and still they offer excellent signal transmission. However, the tram oil-filled manufacturers designed their models with a tremendous 59-inch whip to capture strong signals. Due to its 6dB gain capacity, the antenna stands out that makes it receive and radiate energy equally in all directions. 

Furthermore, the setup and installation of these CB antennas are simple alike. Installers simply require fastening it with screws to the 3/8 inches X24 thread mount and start using it. However, ensure you get a heavy-duty standard thread mount to hold the antenna in place firmly in all situations. 


  • A lightweight and flexible CB antenna
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent quality and great performers
  • Offers excellent clarity


  • Package arrives damaged
  • Poor customer services

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8. Tram 3700 Trucker CB Antenna, Standard Packaging

Tram 3700 Trucker CB Antenna, Standard Packaging
  • Center-loaded heavy-duty coil
  • 3,700W power handling
  • Thermoplastic round coil holder for greater noise reduction
  • Transmits & receives farther than any other center-loaded mirror mount antenna

Here comes another top-notch Tram CB antenna boasting different features to compete favorably in the market. This Tram antenna outstands the rest due to its power handling capacity far more than brands in its range. While other Tram models offer 3000 Watts power, this model gets higher to a power output of 3700 Watts. Tram 3700 Trucker needs proper installation for it to transmit signals for excellent clarity. 

Consequently, an additional 6 inches whip presents the antenna’s capability to receive and transmit signals from and farthest distances. Ideally, these antennas are excellent representations of models offering excellent clarity. Tram 3700 Trucker antennas have thermoplastic coil holders that help them to reduce noise that reaches the radio. 


  • A flexible and durable CB antenna
  • Reduces sound before reaching radio devices
  • Offers an impressive reception range
  • Handles higher power output


  • Packages come with the wrong set screws
  • Whip not durable

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9. Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna

Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna
  • Center Load Mag Mount Antenna
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip
  • Prewired with Cable and Connector
  • Works with all Midland Mobile CB Radios

Of all the antennas in our list, the Midland 18-2442 Mobile model is the only one that comes prewired. This antenna works perfectly with all Midland mobile radios, and they prove to offer higher efficiency than other models. Midland 180-2442 boasts a 17-7 whip excellent for capturing and transmitting signals to the farthest points. 

Midland manufacturers looked most at the aspect of durability when constructing these antennas. For instance, these models have relief springs whose function is to prevent the whip from damages. Consequently, the models have plastic coated bases that combats to most vehicles as well as prevent corrosion. 

Furthermore, the installation and uninstallation process of these antennas is simplest as well. You can mount it anytime on the road and disassemble easily whenever you approach a congested city or location. For the installation process, you simply do it at your preferable spot on the magnetic mount base. 


  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Excellent performers
  • A true representation of durable CB antennas
  • Offers excellent clarity


  • Packages don’t include user instructions
  • Not an excellent performer

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10. K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna

No products found.

Lastly, the K40 Model K-30 takes this slot due to its convenient size and excellent performance. The 35 inches 17-7 whip antenna can hold up to 300 Watts power, an efficient amount for exceptional clarity. Moreover, K40 Model K-30 is exemplary designed with a 180 degrees radius tip to perform without a ball’s need. Like their counterparts, the Midland 18-2442 models above, the K40 Model K-30 antenna comes pre-wired for excellent performance. 

Consequently, the manufacturer looked most the aspects of durability during the construction process. K40 Model K-30 antennas have heavy-duty 10oz magnets holding them securely wherever you mount them. Nevertheless, their construction includes shielded coax cables that hold them firmly in place to prevent cases of breaking. Ideally, K40 Model K-30 antennas are a perfect representation of convenient and excellent performers in the market.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Best performers
  • Utmost durable
  • Offers exceptional clarity


  • Other packages arrive damages
  • Poor customer services

 No products found.

How to Choose the Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck

Radio operators can testify why choosing a suitable CB antenna is of importance to them. Selecting the best brand usually emerge hectic, especially to those lacking idea going about the matter. Apart from the brand name, buyers must consider several other aspects to make a perfect choice. Below are four factors CB antenna buyers should incorporate to make the selection process simple. 

The Antenna Length

When selecting an antenna, we look at its capability in receiving and sending messages to the world around us. With that in mind, taller antennas make the perfect options since they convey and receive messages from the farthest distances. Experts prefer CB antennas with heights of about 8 feet tall. However, the most important thing you should mind when comparing their height is the reception they provide. 

Coil Location

Under this aspect, we consider the three types of antennas available; the base-loaded, center-loaded, and top-loaded models. Base-loaded models have their coils at the bottom, and they mostly feature magnets for mounting to the pickup roofs. Moreover, they boast higher wattage outputs than other models. 

Center-loaded models, on the other hand, have their coils near the bottom. They are preferable options for larger pickups as well as semi-trucks and larger tracks. Lastly, the top-loaded antennas are relatively affordable, and they suit people who have little to spend on these products. However, they boast the lowest power wattage than other models. 


The ease of setting up and installing your CB antenna is also essential when purchasing these products. Look at the ease of assembling and disassembling process of the antenna you intend to purchase.

Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck

Those installed using screws offer excellent reception, but they are the hardest when in need to disassemble. Nevertheless, the magnetic antennas make the best solutions for people who don’t need to drill holes on their pickups. 


Employing the best CB antenna for pickup truck is the best way of receiving and transmitting excellent signals. Quality and well-tuned CB antennas provide drivers to enjoy excellent clarity wherever they drive and anytime.

Our review above presents the top-notch AC antenna brands that provide excellent transmission power in the world around. The buying guide alongside will guide you in making a selection of the best one of all. 

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